Corpus Christi Women’s Clinic Joins Research Ready Network, Offers Clinical Research as Care Option to Patients

Christi Women’s Clinic
, a large, full-service women’s health
practice in Corpus Christi, Texas, has partnered with Elligo
Health Research
, which improves clinical trial access by engaging
the 97 percent of physicians currently not offering clinical research to
their patients. As a result of this partnership, the practice will
expand the treatment options it offers patients by supporting research
studies conducted in its practice.

Physicians at Corpus Christi Women’s Clinic who will be participating as
lead investigators in the clinical trials include: Charles
Kirkham, M.D. (FACOG)
; Christine
L. Canterbury, M.D. (FACOG)
; Leighanne
Glazener, M.D. (FACOG)
; Jaime
Pena, M.D. (FACOG)
; Benjamin
Supnet, M.D. (FACOG)
; Danielle
Inman, M.D. (FACOG)
; Heather
Dixon, D.O.
; Thomas
Wilder, M.D. (FACOG)
; and Lindsey
Vasquez, M.D. (FACOG)

As members of Elligo’s Research
network, Corpus Christi Women’s Clinic now has the
infrastructure — people, processes, and technology — necessary to
conduct research in its office, effectively keeping patients closer to
home and under the care of their trusted physician. The practice’s
extension into clinical research will help its patients benefit from
treatments they might not otherwise be able to access.

In a statement from Corpus Christi Women’s Clinic, the physicians
explained, “We often run into scenarios where we have exhausted all
traditional treatment options with our patients. Complete patient care
is important to us and this partnership will help ensure we can continue
to provide options for even our toughest clinical cases.”

“Our ultimate goal is twofold: to make research accessible and the
process simple,” said John
Potthoff, Ph.D.
, CEO of Elligo Health Research. “That’s why we offer
our services at no cost to our physician sites. For us, the best part is
that with every new site, our ability to contribute to the future of
medicine grows.”

About Corpus Christi Women’s Clinic
Christi Women’s Clinic
, a large full-service women’s health
physician practice serving Nueces County, opened in August of 1981. We
have ten physicians. Between the ten of us, we have delivered more than
40,000 babies in our combined 100 years of experience in the Corpus
Christi area. Our Womankind Services offers patients the convenience of
complete OB-GYN care, including sonograms, bone density testing, and


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SCORR Marketing
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