LCR Embedded Systems Announces Family of MIL-STD 3-9 Slot VPX Enclosures, Perfect for High-Performance Applications, SWaP-C

Top/Sidewall and Rear Panels Heat Exchangers, Forced Air, Heat Pipes,
Improve Thermal Performance, Extremely Customizable

NORRISTOWN, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LCR Embedded Systems is pleased to announce the availability of a new
family of rugged, highly configurable 3U VPX chassis designed for
compact aerospace and UAV applications requiring state-of-the-art power
dissipation. This family of chassis is ideal for advanced military
applications with significant SWaP-C considerations that must operate in
hostile environments and require a great deal of processing power.

The enclosures have been qualified to MIL-STD-810 environmental and
MIL-STD-461 electromagnetic compatibility requirements, making them an
ideal solution for applications that demand significant processing power
in the most punishing environments. The heat dissipation needed by
high-performance cards is made possible by a variety of options
including: hollow enclosure walls with heat exchangers, forced air, and
heat pipes. Also available are completely sealed enclosures with
internal fans that circulate air within the card cage, preventing “hot
spots” and enabling the enclosures to function in highly contaminated

Three, 5, 6, 7, and 9-Slot versions are available, and all enclosures
share the same general architecture, power supply, and front/rear
panels, providing increased flexibility and a path to cost-effective
upgrades to match changing application demands.

“VPX was created to bring high performance to harsh military
environments, but performance means heat dissipation – and the most
powerful 3U VPX cards are only getting hotter,” states LCR Embedded
Systems President Dan Manoukian. “SWaP has already become SWaP-C to
include cooling, and our new enclosure family more than satisfies SWaP-C
requirements in addition to offering the ruggedness that our customers’
applications demand. Perhaps,” he adds, “we should start referring to
SWaPR-C instead.”

CompactPCI and VME versions are also available for all chassis.

Interested parties should contact [email protected]
to learn more.

About LCR Embedded Systems •

LCR Embedded Systems designs, develops, and manufactures chassis,
backplanes, and fully integrated systems for the aerospace and defense,
commercial, and industrial markets with a focus on standard base form
factors such as VPX/VME, AdvancedTCA, COM Express, and CompactPCI.

LCR Embedded Systems is an AS 9100 D, ISO9001:2015, and ITAR
certified company, with approved J-STD-001 Class 3, CCAP, FOD, and ESD
programs in place.


Janis Cortese, [email protected]

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