Amfeed, Which Provides the Most Intuitive and Transparent Market Data for All Assets, Is Officially Launched

After a Test Run in Alpha, AMFeed’s Bitcoin Charts Rapidly Became One of the Most Popular Features Among Crypto Traders

HONG KONG, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / October 7, 2019 / The founders of AMFeed, which stands for All Markets Feed, are pleased to announce their official launch.

AMFeed is a data provider and fintech consulting firm. It services two customer niches for which there are fundamentally distinct different but complementary associated product offerings:

• Individual investors services – these customers can mine the AMFeed Blockchain, use the Messenger application and purchase subscriptions to the live trading tools and AMFeed Blockchain wallets that are sold at the price of [Current Block Reward x Previous Block Reward]. In addition, those with subscriptions can take advantage of the Masternode Hosting services provided for $6.50 per Masternode per month flat hosting fee paid in advance.

• Institutional services – these customers can purchase AMFeed’s full range of financial technology engineering and consulting services for customised 3-12 months contract periods for the purpose of a range of activities, including but not limited to: due diligence and project advisory for large-scale or unusual funding projects, engineering and development tasks especially those involving higher-level Blockchain expertise and the set up and ongoing management of Blockchain-related technologies and services.

Via a partnership agreement with two engineering companies in India that AMFeed is currently entering into binding terms with to offer its fledgling customer base, AMFeed is able to offer under its own suite of services the expertise of over 100 engineers, ranging from full-stack, UX/front end, Blockchain, mobile app and web development services, while complementing the product offering with advanced financial services know-how and ancillary partnerships and introductions to venture capital. AMFeed’s proprietary messenger platform, built on top of Mattermost, gives the Blockchain upstart unprecedented first-hand access to digital asset investors, via a range of alternate Blockchain / online communities, too.

Taken as a whole, AMFeed, represented via proprietary communications tools and a heavily-mined decentralised Blockchain (X11), offers unparalleled access to digital asset knowledge and players.

To get started with AMFeed and open up an account, please visit

A company spokesperson noted that the founders of AMFeed have one key goal in mind: to offer the most transparent and intuitive market data for every type of asset around the globe and the most cutting-edge consulting and advisory services in fintech available today.

AMFeed started small but quickly became a Blockchain market mainstay. After starting a test run in alpha, AMFeed’s Bitcoin charts quickly became one of the most popular features with crypto traders.

“AMFeed has now developed an X11 Blockchain to further its goals of providing visually captivating, tradeable data for investors of all markets,” said Rene van Norden, AMFeed’s chief operating officer. He added that mining hashpower has quickly risen to up to 14 TH/s, making AMFeed’s new blockchain a huge success right out the gate.

“AMFeed will bring trust into all digital markets through transparent and publicly available data streams,” he added.

The founders of AMFeed are also striving to decentralize the data streams from the Blockchain to the stock markets. In addition, by owning AMFeed tokens, users will be able to play a significant role in shaping the way the platform operates, through voting and governance.

AMFeed is the only current provider of live crypto trading data with full Level 3 insight on a trade-by-trade basis via its own proprietary streaming 3D price-volume charts. From crypto newbies to those who have been involved in blockchain for some time, AMFeed promises to be an invaluable tool.

The way that AMFeed works is quite simple but radical and innovative, said Chairman and CEO Daniel Mark Harrison. “AMFeed will price the live streaming APIs and wallet access via licensing codes, which are then sold at a price of the current block reward multiplied by the previous block reward in AMF currency. Essentially, traders will be able to price our currency via the success of our retail product and service delivery performance.”

“Plus, with other features such as revenue share coin auctions at the end of every Block reward halving event, there will be additional pricing mechanisms built into the core utility of the coin” Harrison added.

About AMFeed:

AMFeed stands for All Markets Feed; their aim is to provide the most intuitive, transparent market data for every asset in the world. AMFeed began as an experiment to better-represent Bitcoin price data, and especially to highlight voluminous wash trading in digital asset markets. For more information, please visit


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