Become an Investor of Telegram: Exclusive Gram token offering through ExMarkets LaunchPad

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 8, 2019 / There is no question that you must have heard about Telegram Open Network (TON) ICO back in the day. The ICO was held privately where only accredited investors could participate in the sale through an invite-only method.

Telegram’s ICO sold $1.7 billion worth of Gram tokens during the sale. It’s still one of the largest grossing Initial Coin Offerings that has been organized so far. It has been more than one year and a half since Telegram ICO came to pass and the launch of the Open Network is imminent.

It is publicly discussed that the most likely launch date is October 31st. With the upcoming launch, Telegram’s tokens are becoming a more and more popular topic. Many experts forecast the price of GRM tokens going through the roof.

To jump in front of the anticipation, ExMarkets is offering a pristine opportunity for its customers – a chance to acquire GRM tokens before they are listed on an exchange. It’s truly once in a while opportunity and if you’re interested in the crypto market – you should not miss it!

The first round has already concluded on ExMarkets, while round II starts on October 11th. This chance may not last that long so all interested parties are invited to join ASAP.

  • Round 2: October 11th, time, timezone – October 18th, | Price: $3.30/GRM;

  • Round 3: October 20th, time, timezone – October 31st, | Price: $3.45/GRM;

The sweetest part is that on ExMarkets, the price of Gram (GRM) tokens is significantly lower than on other platforms which are or have been selling grams on the secondary market.

ExMarkets: $3.30 USD/GRM | Liquid exchange: $4.00 USD/GRM | Ataix: $5.00 USD/GRM

Visit the Telegram sale page right now to take advantage of this opportunity!

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How does it work?

An investment fund called Fintech Global Consultants of FGC for short was one of the few lucky enterprises that had the chance to participate in the Telegram ICO. While the launch of Telegram Open Network approaches, FGC decided to offer retail investors a chance to rake a piece of the pie and liquidate a part of FGC’s position of Grams (GRMs). It’s a clear win-win.

To implement their plan, Fintech Global Consultants chose ExMarkets cryptocurrency exchange and IEO Launchpad. We are excited to be the official reseller of TON GRM tokens and will be extending our exchange’s infrastructure to cater to FGC’s needs.

Round I out of III started on September 28th and will run for one week, followed by two subsequent rounds. The sale is scheduled to end on October 31st. Available allocation of Grams (GRMs) to be purchased on exmarkets equals 2,000,000 tokens.

There have only been a few other exchanges that have offered Gram (GRM) tokens to retailers and history is indicating that these melt really quick. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the largest encrypted network’s journey. Visit ExMarkets LaunchPad immediately to open up your account.

Gram sale fundamentals

  • Ticker: GRM;

  • Starting price: $3.20 USD;

  • Token allocation for ExMarkets: 2,000,000 GRM;

  • Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH;

  • Sale period: September 28 – October 31st.

  • Expected launch of TON: October 31st

Sale mechanics

ExMarkets has formed a partnership with FGC and has successfully verified that they actually have GRM tokens reserved for them. During the Gram (GRM) sale on ExMarkets, interested buyers will be able to deposit Bitcoin or Ethereum and reserve a corresponding amount of GRM tokens.

When GRM tokens are distributed, FGC will send the number of Grams (GRMs) to ExMarkets and then tokens will be distributed to retail investors who participated in the sale.

This process is employed in order to ensure transparency, security, and integrity of the reputation of everyone involved: ExMarkets, retail investors participating in the sale and Fintech Global Consultants.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to become one of Telegram’s investors! The sale is going to be short and the window of opportunity is so small!

Visit ExMarkets right now to open up your account!


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