Markray Corp Subsidiary Keshe Foundation Global, Inc. Announces a New Era in Science and Technology

GLENDALE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 3, 2019 / We are delighted to announce that our Plasma Technology Conference in Vienna, Austria from 27th to the 29th of September 2019 was extremely well received and a great success.

Conference attendees, including Government representatives, ambassadors, and doctors from every continent, were introduced to the revolutionary new era in science and technology by its inventor, founder and chairman of KFGL, nuclear engineer Mr. Mehran T. Keshe.

The enormity of the presentation commanded the attention of delegates causing them to immediately express their national interest to negotiate the signing of MOUs for the construction of industrial parks in their nations.

As proposed in the conference invitations, KFGL is committed to invest over $100 million dollars per nation to build and manufacture new products which have been developed through the new Plasma Technology.

The huge potential benefits of this technology from energy and materials production to transportation, communications and flight were all explained, and current applications in agriculture, animal husbandry and health were demonstrated through multiple completed and existing trials in different nations.

Delegates were shocked to discover how simply large areas of land had been enabled to produce anything from 30% to 250% increased crop yields along with an almost two-fold increase in protein content of grains in some cases.

Examples of crops maturing more quickly and withstanding greater temperature extremes, growing in poor soils with less water and no pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers were all documented and presented.

In animal husbandry the processing of pigs with swine fever was demonstrated with the complete eradication of the virus in a matter of days, using only Plasma Waters. This alone has huge implications for food security for many nations.

Mr Keshe then explained the revolutionary plasma technology and introduced the non-invasive Universal Enhancement Health Unit, particularly to the medical doctors at the conference. All attendees had the opportunity to enter and experience its fields.

This system does not treat or cure disease or illness. Instead, through its precise management of magnetic and gravitational fields, it allows the cells of an individual to rapidly process themselves back to their initial state, with swift and dramatic outcome in individuals affected by a wide array of health conditions. A number of cases with successful outcomes were shown in the conference.

Pre-orders for a few Universal Enhancement Health Units, priced at 150,000 Euros, were immediately placed by doctors at the conference to be delivered in Europe by January 2020. And through the ambassadors and government representatives, KFGL is negotiating large orders at national levels.

The Vienna conference was the first in a series around the world over the coming months and it is anticipated that a full complement of MOUs and Agreements will be signed with nations on each continent before our last conference in April 2020.

Follow up conferences will be held in Mexico October 25th -27th and in Brazil November 8th -10th 2019.

MT Keshe
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SOURCE: Markray Corp

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