Saturn Cloud Inc. Secures $4 Million in Seed Round to Disrupt Data Science

NEW YORK, Oct. 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Saturn Cloud, provider of the first data science platform designed to help teams work more effectively, today announced it secured $4 million in a funding round led by SignalFire. This marks the startup’s first round of funding, only several weeks after its incorporation. It will help Saturn Cloud further develop and commercialize its data science platform, which features parallel computing library, Dask, as its star product. Today, Saturn Cloud’s platform offers teams seamless collaboration, effortlessly scalable compute resources, and easy analytics.

Saturn Cloud

“We are thrilled by the market demand for Dask-focused enterprise products,” says founder of SignalFire, Ilya Kirnos. “We conducted extensive research together with Saturn Cloud, and we are convinced Dask is positioned for tremendous growth. Python has won in the data science community, and Dask is the leading Python-native parallel computing framework. Dask is the natural choice for data scientists and engineers to scale compared to other solutions which require learning a new language or different APIs.” Dask is a Python-based alternative to Apache Spark and does not require knowledge of Java or Scala. Python has recently soared in popularity in the data science community, setting the stage for Dask to become one of the most widely utilized libraries.

“Having Saturn Cloud support Jupyter and Dask in enterprise environments really excites me,” says Dask creator, Matthew Rocklin. “Every data science team I work with struggles to set up and manage these systems. Saturn’s lightweight and open-source friendly approach gives me confidence both that they’ll be successful, and that they’ll be a positive influence in the open source community.”

Since its inception, Saturn Cloud has been featured in dozens of industry publications and blogs due to its groundbreaking product suite. Customers include numerous tech companies as well as leaders in finance, real estate and healthcare.

Founders of Saturn Cloud include Michael Sebastian Metti and Hugo Shi. Mr. Metti previously co-founded ResoluteAI (formerly known as Resolute Innovation), an enterprise software startup backed by Steve Case’s Revolution Ventures. Mr. Shi previously co-founded Anaconda, the largest on-premise data science solution provider, backed by General Catalyst and Citi Ventures.

“Our mission is to make data science easy. Today, tools available to data scientists can be severely limited, but they’re still expected to deliver cutting-edge insights,” says founder Sebastian Metti. “By offering tools such as Dask, Airflow, automatic version control, and more, we’re transforming the data science capabilities of our customers, and putting them far ahead of their competitors.”

In addition to commercializing its platform, Saturn Cloud is expected to grow its headcount significantly over the coming months by adding numerous Dask developers as well as full-stack engineers. Sales, marketing, operations, product and other key functions will also be built out further.

“The market has already fallen in love with Dask and we’re just here to deliver on its promise,” says Hugo Shi. “We are also making our own contributions to the library, given its fast-growing importance in data science. We can’t wait to see where Saturn Cloud is next year.”

About Saturn Cloud
Saturn Cloud is an enterprise platform that gives data scientists the tools to do all the things they want: seamless collaboration, effortlessly scalable compute resources, and easy analytics. With Saturn Cloud, data science teams operate quicker and independent of dev ops and data engineering teams.

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