Atoshi CEO Liao Wang Invited to Former British Prime Minister Brown’s Forum

BEIJING, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / November 12, 2019 / the former British Prime Minister Brown Forum on Sustainable Development was successfully held in the China World Hotel in Beijing.As a leading entrepreneur in blockchain, CCTV’s “Influential People” and 2018 Chinese most innovative CEO in the new economic field, Liao Wang, practitioner of enterprise sustainable development and CEO of Atoshi, was invited to attend the forum.

It is reported that Mr. Brown is the 52nd prime minister of Britain and is also the current UN special envoy on education. Britain is a supporter of China’s “the belt and road initiative” initiative. Under the background of the belt and road initiative and the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, Brown visited China this time to talk with Chinese entrepreneurs. He hopes to promote more cultural and economic cooperation between China and Britain through exchanges and communication, which is reflected in his emphasis on the development of Chinese enterprises. This activity is of great significance! At the same time, it attracted the attention of outstanding entrepreneurs and a large number of domestic and overseas media.

At the scene, Brown and outstanding entrepreneurs discussed the internationalization development strategy at zero distance and looked forward to business cooperation opportunities. Mr. Brown and Liao Wang, CEO of Atoshi, have met on this event to discuss on future cooperation!

The development and prosperity of a country cannot be separated from the strength of culture. The same is true for enterprises. Prime Minister Brown expressed his own views on how to speed up the process of building international brands for the current Chinese national enterprises. Let the guests present feel Mr. Prime Minister’s vision of economic observation, which provides a unique perspective for the international development of Chinese enterprises. He attaches great importance to Sino-British international cooperation and the development of Chinese enterprises.

Later, Brown shared investment opportunities and relevant policies with outstanding enterprises, discussed the internationalization development strategy together, looked forward to business cooperation opportunities, and hit out wonderful sparks! There were many bright spots on the activity site and the dry goods were full. Entrepreneurs exchanged and discussed on the global sustainable development and the process of internationalized brand. The lively atmosphere on the scene was pushed to climax again and again.

Atoshi CEO Liao Wang exchanges his own ideas on the forum that Atoshi should take the blockchain as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies and continue to explore more advanced and perfect blockchain technology. He believes that in the near future, atoshi will be able to speed up the application of blockchain technology and various industries, and explore new business models and business opportunities. Atoshi will empower the world’s sustainable development through blockchain technology solutions.
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