Arthur’s Kingdom Project Launch

CAGAYAN, PHILIPPINES / ACCESSWIRE / January 2, 2020 / Established Entertainment and Financial Companies Join Forces to Create a Digital Economy

British Charles Reuben Foundation and Dutch Arthur International Entertainment Co., Ltd, are join investors in P&F AP Management Co., Ltd, which will launch Arthur’s Kingdom in the Philippines. The goal is to enter the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) in Cagayan Province, through the deep integration of digital finance with a DSO (Digital Security Offering) and entertainment. The real economy is deeply integrated to create a digital operating model of the local industrial economy.

What is the Arthur’s Kingdom Project?
Charles Reuben Foundation is a newcomer to the UK financial industry, specializing in traditional finance and digital currency investments, they have performed well in recent years. Arthur International Entertainment Co., Ltd. is a veteran European entertainment company with extensive experience in the operation and management of hotels, as well as assets in the entertainment industry. The complementary advantages of the cooperation between the two sides are the creation of the “Arthur’s Kingdom Project” in CEZA. The primary goal of the project is to promote investments in real estate, tourism, and entertainment. Additionally, the office will be developed into an industrial park to take full advantage of CEZA’s digital economy development policy and be able to achieve the DSO implementation.

“At King Arthur, we are utilizing a structured approach to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities that are available today in digital finance, while at the same time, balancing that with the security of traditional, real-world investments. The result is that this opportunity enables the average person to be eligible to invest in our community and receive a substantial return on their investment.”, said the CEO of P&F AP Investment Limited, Herald Black.

A Perfect Fit for a DSO
To maximize the potential available for the Arthur’s Kingdom Project, the company will be launching a DSO (Digital Security Offering). A DSO is a digital security token, which leverages the application of the distributed accounting technology along with the encryption technology characteristics of blockchain. This digital token is applied to the field of financial securities in order to maximize financial efficiency.
The concept of a DSO was first used in the United States’ real estate industry, shared apartments, tourism real estate, and even industrial funds. At present, various practices are also being carried out in Europe. It is foreseeable that with the national pressure on virtual currency in various countries, P&F is a perfect combination of the digital, financial, and physical worlds that will definitely make a strong leap forward.

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