Foldable, Compact Monit Bebefit Light Hip-seat Carrier Makes Carrying Children Easier Than Ever

New carrier launching on Kickstarter and on display at CES, will reduce wear and tear of parenting, holding up to 110 pounds

BERKELEY, CA and LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / January 3, 2020 / Launching on Kickstarter today and coming to CES 2020, Monit is introducing a smart, foldable and compact child carrying solution to help parents and children enjoy better engagement and more comfort. Years of carrying children can really do a number on our bodies, especially as babies grow and gain weight. Monit’s Bebefit Light will drastically improve the ease with which parents carry children in everyday life.

“My children mean the world to me and I want nothing more than providing them with all the love and support they need to grow up to be happy, kind people,” said Tony Park, founder of Monit’s Bebefit Light. “I also understand the physical toll carrying babies and children can have on our bodies. I experienced an injury carrying my own child and know it is a common problem for a lot of parents and caregivers today. That’s why we created our first baby carrier, the Convertible Hipseat, and now we are providing this new Bebefit Light. It is much more convenient, portable and makes the moments with our children even more enjoyable.”

The new genius child carrier simplifies how we hold our children, especially when toddlers want to be picked up and put down all the time. It has a mechanical ‘seat’ that extends out for the child to sit on, and then wrap your arms around her, just as you would if you were carrying the child on your hip.

The ingenious seat design is like no other–going up and down with just a click of a button– and it is extremely secure. When the seat is down, the whole carrier is foldable and slim and can fit in a tote or purse. It is also very sturdy and strong, capable of holding up to 110 pounds. Bebefit Light is the next step after a strap on baby carrier. It eliminates the need to fit a child into a front ‘pouch’ and streamlines the entire process. Available in three colors, navy, gray and sand pink, the Bebefit Light is made of the world’s highest standard eco-friendly fabric which has attained the OKOTEX and BLUESIGN certifications. It includes a spacious side pocket for easy access to cellphones, keys, wallets or anything else a parent needs close by.

“You can leave big, bulky carriers and heavy strollers at home. Bebefit Light is compact and easy-to-use wherever your day takes you,” continued Park. “You will be able to hold, hug and care for your child easily and safely. We believe Bebefit Light is the most convenient, healthiest carrier option available today and we look forward to bringing it to more parents and caregivers around the world.”

Monit’s Kickstarter campaign just launched. With the funds raised, the company will be able to continue to develop the product and expedite production. Consumers can learn more and contribute by visiting here. Early bird options include a $20 discount on the product and a multi-purpose pouch bag for the first 500 backers.

Monit’s Bebefit Light will be demonstrated at CES 2020 at Sands Hall, G 53322 in Eureka Park.


About Monit

Monit is a digital healthcare company using innovative smart IoT technology to help caregivers of babies to seniors with quickly attending to their needs, making their lives easier and healthier. The engineering and founding team of Monit have spun out of Samsung. To learn more about Monit, visit and Kickstarter here:

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