Keep your Fender Bender from Snowballing into a Nightmare: Do’s and Don’ts from AssuranceAmerica

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / January 3, 2020 / It is always important to be a safe, defensive driver, but sometimes accidents happen. Whether it’s your fault or not, there are a few key reminders that can help prevent an accident from becoming a nightmare. As a leading provider of automotive insurance, AssuranceAmerica has identified key Do’s and Don’ts to always remember at the accident scene.


Get the right information. In order to file an insurance claim with your insurance or the other driver’s insurance, you are going to need the right information. Make sure to collect the name, insurance information and car information (including make, model and license plate) of the other drivers involved in the accident. If possible, try and collect the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) as well. And if it’s safe to do so, always take pictures of the damage, as well as the location of the cars.

Contact the police immediately. Regardless of how kind someone appears, you should ALWAYS call the police. Remember, without a police report, insurance may not cover any damages to the car or injuries. Don’t trust someone’s word that they will cover the repairs if you don’t call the authorities, as sometimes the full extent of the damages are not seen. Protect yourself and your vehicle by immediately calling the police.

Keep records. After the accident, make sure to keep all of the details regarding your claim organized. Insurance claims, contact information and pictures are all important and worth storing in a safe place. Sometimes, injuries can take years to surface allowing for lawsuits long after the initial accident. Keep yourself protected and hold on to all of the details regarding your accident and insurance claim.


Ever leave the scene of an accident. Even if it’s a minor accident or you think it wasn’t your fault, leaving the scene may not only result in your insurance not covering the damage, but it will also likely lead to you being charged with a “hit and run.” These charges are normally misdemeanors, but depending on the accident, can become a felony. There are cameras and witnesses everywhere, so do not take any chances and always do the right thing. If you get in an accident, no matter what, don’t leave the scene.

Become too chummy. Although it may be tempting, do not engage in unnecessary conversation with the other driver regarding the accident. After the accident and when traffic conditions allow, be sure to make sure the other driver and their passengers are ok. However, once you have confirmed they are safe, return to your car or a safe place nearby. Anything you say to the driver may be used against you in the future or may be manipulated to make you seem at fault. Additionally, emotions run high after accidents, and minimizing conversation decreases the chance for arguments or confrontations.

Ignore discomfort or pain. Due to an adrenaline rush, you may not feel any pain or injuries immediately following the accident. However, that doesn’t mean you are in the clear. Do not neglect any pain you may begin to feel hours, days or even months after your accident. Injuries from car accidents can develop over time and it is important that you don’t ignore any pain you feel and talk to your doctor and insurance agent about the best steps for obtaining treatment.

AssuranceAmerica hopes you never experience a car accident. However, if you do, remember to stay calm and keep theses Do’s and Don’ts top of mind to avoid an accident spiraling into a never-ending nightmare.

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