Lucid’s New AI App Converts All Your Pictures Into 3D Photos

A new medium is evolving in photo/video sharing and now even your old Android or iPhone can be a part of it. Mesmerizing and moving photos created by AI and deep learning create eye-popping social media posts

CES, LAS VEGAS, NEV / ACCESSWIRE / January 7, 2020 / Just a few short years ago, beautiful photos with depth of field could only be captured using expensive DSLRs or high-end iPhones or Android devices using sensors. For consumers to turn their existing ‘flat’ gallery images into multi-dimensional and eye-catching content which really engage people on social media, a new solution is necessary. Now a new type of app is being introduced by Lucid, the AI computer vision company, which will bring your old photos to life using contextual AI, never before available and now running on any and every smartphone. (To see an app demo, you can visit Lucid in Eureka Park at the booth #51263.)

The app, LucidPix, allows a user to exactly recreate those immersive moments from previously captured or saved 2D photos. These converted images can be shared inside the app community or on other social media platforms.

“The way consumers express themselves digitally and visually has evolved more and more to what we naturally see with our own eyes with depth. Thus, over the past few years, the visual medium has become more multidimensional, leading to more portrait photos, 3D content, and AR and VR being created,” said Han Jin, Founder/CEO at Lucid.

3D photos on Facebook are currently limited to only those captured by certain high-end devices or designed for hours by experts in Adobe Photoshop. LucidPix now unlocks this type of content creation and creativity to lay people using any Android or iPhone, making it accessible to more than just the one percent of the world’s population who own $1000+ smartphones.

There is no need for multiple cameras or fancy built-in sensors anymore; users of all skill levels can utilize the cutting-edge 3D Fusion Technology built into LucidPix to generate and share engaging 3D photos that move as you scroll around or tilt your phone in your hand.

The images are created with the technology Lucid has spent the past several years developing–a deep learning-based solution for mobile devices trained using hundreds of millions of images. Adding to the enjoyment of the app is the variety of fun and animated features that make for even more enticing content with depth, including new 3D frames that pair up with any of your photos.

While LucidPix is currently only available in beta, the early access program on the Google Play store already has shown traction: more than 250,000 downloads and active users referring the app with a fast-growing Facebook group community of more than 11,000 members, so that there are now millions of 3D photos created with LucidPix and shared among the community. (To check out some of the best LucidPix 3D photos, go to

“We are very excited about the organic growth and passion of our community in the past three months, engaging with this new type of medium in an Instagram-like fashion where daily returning users push thousands of posts with hundreds of likes and comments, so we can truly focus on building a great product instead of marketing. We can’t wait to officially launch LucidPix in Q2 as we are wrapping up the last AI improvements to run even better on all mobile devices!” said Jin.

To see and check out the app demo, you can visit Lucid in Eureka Park at booth #51263.

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Lucid is a leading AI vision startup developing software solutions for 3D capture and depth sensing based on deep learning. Leveraging single and multi-camera setups, 3D Fusion Technology has been deployed in millions of devices and images in mass production from mobile phones to 3D cameras to robots, drones, security and other smart camera systems. Lucid’s AI photo app allows users to instantly generate 3D data out of images, videos and camera capture without special hardware solutions. For more information, visit

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