SheDe Spirits Launches the New Art Collaboration with Artist

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / January 06, 2020 / On December 27, SheDe Spirits Pay Tribute to the Extraordinary 80 Years · Yue Minjun Collaboration Listing Presentation held in Beijing.

Yue Minjun is an artist and famous for “smiling face” series of paintings. He is a typical representative of the contemporary Chinese art world. In this cooperation with SheDe Spirits, Yue Minjun created laughing Tuopai and laughing Shede based on the most representative work Laughing Series.

Yue Minjun has some overlaps with SheDe Spirits in his youth. “I drank the liqueur of Tuopai when I was young and I felt very happy when I drank it” he said. “I choose to cooperate with SheDe Spirits in order to pass on the happiness I experienced to more people through the collision of art and liqueur.”

Tuopai has created a sales legend with a total sales volume of 5 billion bottles, and became the “uncrowned king” of the liquor industry at one time. It also got the Famous Spirits Brand in China in 1989. Laughing Tuopai inherited the national special grade quality and brewed with six grains of sorghum, rice, glutinous rice, wheat, corn and barley. Its alcohol is 45%vol and the net content is 480ml.

In Yue Minjun’s opinion, Tuopai is a popular liqueur brand that is close to the people. He hopes that more people can feel the happiness of drinking good liqueur through drinking the Laughing Tuopai, priced at 88 yuan per bottle. He also hopes that his art works can convey the optimistic spirit to more people. Laughing Tuopai is not only the first art collaboration of Tuopai, but also the first collaboration of light bottle liqueur with Chinese artist.



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