Sri Lanka Tourism Industry Finally in Recovery

Recent figures from Sri Lanka’s Tourism Ministry suggest that visitor numbers are slowly recovering following the tragic terrorist attacks that rocked the country in April 2019

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / January 3, 2020 / Up until this year, Sri Lanka’s tourism industry has been thriving. The country’s tourist numbers have been growing dramatically year-on-year and it ranked as Lonely Planet’s top country for travel in 2019.

But in a tragic turn of events, that all changed last April, when the South East Asian country was rocked by a series of terrorist attacks that killed over 250 people. The act of terrorism struck right at the heart of Sri Lanka’s tourism industry, targeting luxury hotels where holidaymakers were staying.

The consequences of this for Sri Lanka’s tourism market have been disastrous. In the immediate aftermath, hotel numbers in the area dropped by 85% as tourists already there fled the country, and as those planning on visiting canceled their flights.

But perhaps the worst hit were the smaller tour operators. Local guides and tourism providers in Sri Lanka have struggled to survive the immense loss of business in the aftermath of the terrible event.

The government rushed to create a plan to help revive the tourism industry before it could cause any further damage to the economy. They’ve reintroduced visa-free arrivals for a wider list of countries including the US, reduced airline ground charges, and invested more into their tourism marketing efforts.

After a slow start, it seems that these efforts are starting to pay off. Figures from Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Tourism show a general upward trend in visitor numbers and suggest that the tourism market might be on the road to recovery.

In July, international tourist arrivals were down by more than 40% from the year prior. By August, that deficit had reduced to 28.3%, and by September, it was down 27.2%. While these figures clearly show that the tourism market in Sri Lanka is still not what it was prior to April 2019, but they also give reason to be hopeful.

Despite the ever-present risk of terrorism, the UK government doesn’t specifically advise against travel to Sri Lanka. The country remains a relatively safe and beautiful place to visit, with incredible UNESCO world heritage sites, beautiful beaches, and delicious food. Tourists can book tour packages through companies like T2 Travels Sri Lanka to explore everything Sri Lanka has to offer.


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