Travis Zipper Featured in Exclusive Entrepreneurial Interview

Travis Zipper was recently featured in an exclusive interview with the prestigious Ideamensch for his work as an entrepreneur.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 20, 2020 / Travis Zipper, Founder and CEO of Wellfitz Mentorship, was recently featured in an exclusive entrepreneurial interview for Ideamensch.

Travis Zipper is a functional diagnostic nutritionist, health coach, and mentor from Huntington Beach, California.

In the interview, Travis highlighted his background that led him to his industry as well as what led him to create Wellfitz Mentorship. He also highlighted what keeps him motivated as an entrepreneur.

Travis Zipper has been in the health and nutrition industry for several years, but he noted that in 2019, the certification program went from face to face teaching to a 100% online, digital platform. He believed that transition took away a vital aspect of the business and he launched Wellfitz Mentorship as a result.

Travis also had some valuable advice for his younger self.

“Find something that gives you butterflies in your stomach and chase it,” said Travis Zipper.

“It should be something that also makes you feel rewarded. And don’t stop looking until you find something that makes you feel that way. Once you find it, you will have found your calling.”

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About Travis Zipper

Travis Zipper is a functional diagnostic nutritionist, mentor, and entrepreneur. He founded Wellfitz Mentorship in 2019 as a solution to bridging the gap between macro coach and functional medicine for health and nutrition professionals. Travis also works as a health practitioner, working with a variety of clients. Travis Zipper is also working for the Nutritional Coaching Institute and wrote several courses for the company. He continues to teach the material to health coaches and provide his services to the Nutritional Coaching Institute.

About Wellfitz Mentorship

Wellfitz Mentorship is a special 12-month, one-on-one program designed for health and nutrition professionals. Travis Zipper aims to help these professionals improve their skills and help their clients achieve results. The format is designed in a personalized format rather than through pre-recorded videos. Memberships also include exclusive content in the form of live training, podcasts, Q&A sessions, and an online community to connect with other members.


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