Ashley Liz Cooper Uses Her Platform to Educate Others

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 7, 2020 / Social media star Ashley Liz Cooper’s goals with all that she does in life is to educate those around the world by creating apps and platforms to help others. She would rather provide value to others than focus on making money. She uses her achievements and experiences in life to inform us about problems and questions that we all face and ask ourselves daily, so let’s dive right in.

Cooper noticed an exponential increase in popularity in the cannabis industry, and knew as a medicinal user herself (for her scoliosis and insomnia) that consumers were in need of an informative app to access. “Vibez: The App” is used to track your moods and consumption to help you choose the best strain for your desired results. With so many strains of cannabis available, finding the right one specifically for you is very important.

Next, we have Cooper’s podcast “For a Good Time Listen.” Cooper was noticing a major increase when it comes to sex in popular culture; however, there was no rise in sex education, and she wanted to help solve this problem. Educating on safe sex is so important, and Ashley realized that we may not be able to stop people from having sex, but the least we can do is properly educate them on how to do it to lower the risk of STD’s. This podcast also answers questions most people are too afraid to ask. Users are able to seek answers anonymously by asking experts on the podcast important questions about sex and relationships. This is an easy and comfortable way to stay educated as we navigate the popular sex culture around us.

Cooper believes that creating the right team is essential. She’s learned that it is important to find people you not only trust, but people who understand business and have a creative, determined mindset. Cooper says that her secret to scaling a business is to consistently come up with new ideas by analyzing industry trends. If you don’t continue to research and adapt, your business will end up slowing down as people’s interests change over time.

Ashley has big plans for the future and strives to be an inspiration for young women and aspiring entrepreneurs across the globe. To find out more, follow Ashley Liz Cooper on Instagram.


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