Airposted Reimagining Logistics Through True Peer to Peer Shipping

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 15, 2020 / Globalization has pushed the world into a new reality. We’re moving faster than ever before, and the logistics industry is at the center of all that movement. And as a leading logistics company, trailblazing company Airposted looks to shake the industry even more.

The logistics leader has one mission: to make the world smaller one delivery at a time. Its core is a drive to simplify and fast-track the shipping process, making the movement of goods smoother than ever before. The company’s team is a community of builders with a passion for delivering fast, affordable, secure, and hassle-free services.

Airposted’s goals are lofty. They look to be the go-to company for any logistical needs. They offer several verticals that make their logistical services some of the most reliable in the world. The company banks on a pure peer to peer logistics model, which puts them at an edge by decentralizing operations.

Leading the company is a trio with a resume that proves that Airposted is only beginning to break barriers. The company started with the vision of Rayan Rahman and then cofounded with two fellow entrepreneurs Iqbal Anwar and Badrul Hassan.

Rayan Rahman, a Bangladeshi-American entrepreneur is an alum of George Mason University. He currently also holds a position on the university’s business school board and is the recipient of the Prominent Patriot Award 2020. Before starting Airposted, he founded a non-profit organization called Changing Bangladesh Foundation, which he later passed on to new leadership. Iqbal is a Bangladeshi-American businessman who has flourished in the technology and engineering sphere. He has launched successful tech startups and owns an engineering firm. Iqbal is a graduate from IIT Kanpur and later received a MS degree from Wayne State University and MBA degree from DePaul University. Badrul Hassan is also an IIT Kanpur alum and has flourished in business, dipping his fingers into the cable, real estate, and entrepreneurship realms.

Airposted is one of the first true peer to peer shipping and logistics platforms in the world. While most companies claim to have the same model, they are mostly hybrids. At the core of the business’s operations are a formed partnership with frequent travelers who carry products for the logistics company. By giving some of their unused luggage space, they transport products for Airposted to their desired destination and get compensated in return.

The peer to peer logistics company provides a fast and secure option for people looking to ship products like gadgets, food supplements, makeup, accessories, and anything small enough to fit in a suitcase. With their reinvented way of delivering products, they can offer logistics services at a lower price point than FedEx, DHL, or other traditional shipping carriers. The company also provides an online delivery tracking system that gives its customers more control and monitoring over products they have shipped in. The company is expanding on its services and introducing Gift and Parcel service this year, both which will let their users ship and send products to their friends or family overseas at a more convenient and affordable way.

Airposted looks to change the way companies and people ship products. By providing as much support and excellence to shippers and partners, they are genuinely reimagining the way we define peer to peer shipping.

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