Mikiah Azarcon Brings Innovation and Style with GO-GETTER Co.’s Revolutionary Trackable Wallets

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 19, 2020 / An everyday essential, people’s wallet should be a balance between style and function. However, brands often fail to consider utility when designing this item, putting emphasis on aesthetics and neglecting to make room for features that would make a wallet useful for users, especially to those living a fast-paced and on-the-go lifestyle. This gap in the industry inspired Mikiah Azarcon to take the necessary step toward finally translating his vision of what would soon become a leading wallet brand into a reality.

This emerging commercial power player is the founder and CEO of GO-GETTER Co., an e-commerce brand based in Beverly Hills, California that primarily sells trackable wallets along with other top-notch products. A graduate of Pepperdine University, Mikiah Azarcon is intimate with the experience of hustling to jumpstart his journey toward success. In 2018, GO-GETTER Co. was only an idea that a then twenty-year-old Mikiah Azarcon spent endless nights thinking about in his dorm room. With a full schedule and little to no extra money, he had to deal with the realities faced by aspiring entrepreneurs who are aiming to grow the seed of a future venture. Committing his spare time outside of class to four jobs, he persevered to earn enough capital, get prototypes produced, and showcase them to the Kickstarter community in the hopes of receiving funding for his startup.

And in two years, Mikiah Azarcon had a lifestyle powerhouse in his hands in the form of GO-GETTER Co. After a rigorous process that involved prototyping, sampling, and drafting versions, this venture officially launched last July 21, 2020, amassing over $90,000 in sales in less than two months after its establishment.

With the mission of twenty-two-year-old Mikiah Azarcon to disrupt the bulky and outdated wallets of the fashion industry, GO-GETTER Co. has risen to set itself apart from the rest of its peers in the industry and takes pride in its signature trackable, expandable, RFID-secure, slim wallet that comes with the thinnest tracker card and boasts a stunningly modern design. It is inspired by today’s dream-chasers, hustlers, and innovators in their commitment to bring innovation to fashionable products.

Balancing style with function, GO-GETTER Co. solves the nightmare that almost every person has experienced: losing one’s wallet. By providing users with a Bluetooth tracker card – the thinnest one in the world – they can easily track their wallet when it is in range, receive separation alerts, and ring it if it is in range but out of sight.

Moreover, fully knowing people’s preference for durable and long-lasting products that are worth the bucks spent, Mikiah Azarcon made the GO-GETTER Co. wallet to be resistant of wears and tears, designing it to be made out of 6061-T6 space grade anodized aluminum and ensuring that it retains its condition for years. Its expendable nature also allows customers to carry as little or as much as they need.

To offer an alternative to the leather and canvas wallets that run identically to each other nowadays, GO wallets come in two different finishes – brushed or matte – and eight different colors. In addition, its modern look is packaged with several more features, such as an elite material that prevents modern RFID-skimming and theft.

As the creative mind behind this outstanding company, Mikiah Azarcon, with the GO wallet serving as its introductory business card to the world, looks forward to GO-GETTER Co. becoming the leading wallet brand, expanding its product line, and scaling into a multi-million dollar enterprise responsible for thousands of people who will not only carry its offerings but also living out its brand values.

Know more about Mikiah Azarcon by visiting his Instagram page. More information can also be found about GO-GETTER Co. by checking its Instagram and website.

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