Rick Rahim Discusses Optimal Communication Techniques in Business

GREAT FALLS, VA / ACCESSWIRE / September 22, 2020 / In business, people often fail to use the correct form of written communication, says Rick Rahim. “And when they do, they get frustrated because the person they are trying to reach may not be responsive,” he says.

Rick Rahim is the President of BusinessVentures.com, a private firm he founded more than a decade ago. The company currently produces revenue in excess of $50,000,000.00. As the company’s top executive, Rahim’s time is always at a premium.

According to Rick, it’s important to select the best for of electronic communication when dealing with busy executives:

Rahim offers the following guidelines:

  1. If the message does not need immediate action or attention, it is best delivered via email.
  2. If the matter is very time sensitive, and requires instant delivery or response, then a text message is appropriate.
  3. If it’s a critical matter that requires an instant response or decision, a phone call is always best.

Rick Rahim goes onto qualify the pitfalls of each type of communication:

According to Rahim, emails are always best unless the matter is critically urgent, mostly because an email provides a written record and time stamp of the communication. But most importantly, says Rick, is that an email will remain in the recipient’s inbox marked as “unread,” awaiting the best time for the recipient to read it at his or her leisure. Thus, you are not intruding on the recipient’s cell phone. Rather, you are offering a professional communication designed to be read when most convenient for the person you have sent it to.

Can’t wait a few hours, or days for a reply to your email? Rick says the next level of communication can be a text message. But Rahim explains the risks of constantly using text messages for non-critical communication:

Rick says “I really don’t like text messages from people about things I’m not going to stop my life for to handle at that exact moment.” Rahim says there are practical considerations, beyond the possibility of simply annoying the person you are texting.

Text messages almost instantly get buried, as soon as new text messages come in from other people. Even if read, your text message won’t stay in their inbox, as “new,” for the recipient to go back and review later. A text message stands a much higher chance of not being addressed, since it will not remain as “unread” for the recipient.

While a text message may be convenient for you (the sender), Rahim says to remember you are essentially intruding on that person’s life and interrupting whatever they are doing, demanding their immediate attention. Rick cautions to consider whether you need to risk annoying a business contact with a text message, when the information might be better conveyed in an email.

Lastly, Rick‘s final pet peeve is people who feel a text message is “enough,” and they are somehow off the hook once they have sent a simple text. According to Rahim, too many people fail to follow up with a phone call after waiting a reasonable time for a reply to a text.

Some of Rick‘s examples are employees who text a question requesting guidance or a decision, and then standby and do nothing for hours if not receiving a reply. Or the delivery person who texted he was lost, and then never made the delivery — because he never received a reply to a buried text. When these people did not receive a quick response to their text, shouldn’t they have followed up with a phone call?

How about the employee who texts a request to adjust their hours or reimbursement, and is later distraught when two weeks later, that text was forgotten by the payroll department? Rick points out this specific example of exactly when a text message is actually a horrible idea. It should have been an email that would remain in the person’s inbox, ready to be addressed at their leisure, with a much less likely chance of being forgotten.

Rick Rahim reminds you to carefully consider that when you send a text message to a person, you are intruding on their personal phone, reaching them wherever they may be, interrupting whatever they may be doing. This also means you should be sensitive to the hours during which you send text messages.

Rick Rahim in the World Famous Batmobile with Three of his Children

ABOUT RICK RAHIM, President of BusinessVentures.com

*Rick Rahim is an accomplished airplane and helicopter pilot, who has even had viral success when he pulled his son’s baby tooth out with his helicopter. In addition to be a lifelong entrepreneur, Rick is also a successful children’s book author, having published “Way Up High In The Big Blue Sky.”

Rick is a certified scuba diver, private investor, and adventurer. Rick has also dabbled in television, such as in this clip broadcasting on Fox & Friends.


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