Fully Charged for Massive Success: SoloQi Is Taking the World by a Wireless Storm

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 23, 2020 / The story behind the most innovative product in the wireless charging industry since the introduction of the smartphone over a decade ago begins with one man who defied all odds in his journey to success. Solo Avital, an award-winning filmmaker and post-production expert responsible for big-budget film productions. Solo disrupted the film industry by providing alternative creative solutions that enabled film projects to reduce costs while maintaining high-end deliverables. Turning to product design, he applied the same methods of maintaining a cost-effective process to deliver a universal luxury solution made for every smartphone user in the world.

As a filmmaker, Solo was always on the run and always running out of battery. This led him to create a wireless power bank with unique features that would power all his devices. Using his design skills and a 3D printer, he created the first prototype and immediately attracted the attention of investors. With the injection of capital, SoloQi© Corp was formed. Solo put all his time, savings, efforts, and skills to bring SoloQi to what it is today, a startup company valued at 7 million dollars.

SoloQi is not only a product but also a unique business plan to disrupt the event industry by replacing the traditional charging stations and lockers, with the rent or purchase of the portable chargers at events, festivals, conferences, and tradeshows when they resume. It is a rev-share model that is attracting many brands to join, such as the leading event production company BWG LIVE.

The customizable Mag Pads, with the event logo on it, provide a promotional incentive for event organizers to promote their brand, as the Mag Pad remains on users’ phones after the event is over, this along with the rev-share licensing model, lay the ground for a profitable partnership between SoloQi and event producers. The sales potential and exposure to hundreds of thousands of people at once provides a non-competitive advantage to SoloQi in the industry, which will significantly increase the company’s valuation.

With today’s regulations of minimal contact, the magnetic chargers are found to be an ideal solution as users can simply snap and charge their devices without having to touch the charger. The company is already collaborating with businesses such as shared office spaces, hotels, and others alike to implement this service.

The wireless charging industry has just taken its first steps to become the new standard of charging, and SoloQi is set to dominate the market that is currently sized at 11 billion dollars and set to grow at a 14.5% CAGR between 2020 and 2026. This is motivated by the global increase in sales of wearable devices and top-of-the-line smartphones.

The last innovation in external chargers was invented over a decade ago by Mophie, who was acquired by Zagg in 2016 for over 100 million dollars. This goes to show the potential for companies in this sector.

SoloQi products became best seller products at b8ta stores, trade shows, and luxury retailers alike and is being sought out for partnerships and distribution opportunities from the likes of Costco and Apple. Aside from the two, SoloQi products are available on its company website, Amazon Prime, Gadget Flow, Newegg, Walmart, and eBay, to name some.

There is a growing demand for SoloQi from different regions, including Australia, Dubai, Japan, and Latin America. This demand is prodding the company to seek out additional funds to be able to increase manufacturing and meet the demand. SoloQi recently launched an Equity Crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine, calling for the community to invest, become a shareholder and join the company’s journey toward bringing charging to a whole new level of convenience, comfort, and style.

Company: SoloQi© Corp
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Website: www.soloqi.com

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