Sound Money Scholarship Winners are Announced

Six Outstanding Students Earn Thousands of Dollars in Tuition Assistance

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 13, 2020 / For the fifth straight year, Money Metals Exchange, the national precious-metals dealer ranked “Best in the USA,” has teamed up with the Sound Money Defense League to offer the first gold-backed scholarship of the modern era. The two groups have just announced the names of this year’s scholarship winners.

Six outstanding students beat out more than 100 of their high school and college peers in making the best case for sound money through an international, gold-backed scholarship competition. The winners walked away with a total of $7,500 in scholarship awards for their exceptional, thought-provoking essays.

For more information about the Money Metals Exchange Scholarship Program, please visit

The two groups have set aside 100 ounces of physical gold to reward over time those exemplary students who display a thorough understanding of economics, monetary policy, and sound money.

The 2020 Sound Money Scholarship winners are as follows:

Undergraduate Winners:
First place: Samuel Peterson, 12th grade, The Villages Charter High School
Second place: Isaac Deak, Liberty University
Third place: Samuel Camacho, Louisiana State University

Graduate Winners:
First place: Nikhil Sridhar, George Mason University
Second place: Matthew Silver, James Madison University
Third place: David Bates, Brigham Young University

Upon the selection of these top six students, the People’s Choice Award portion of the contest begins. The People’s Choice Award goes to the student whose essay attracts the most page views and interest on social media (shares, likes, retweets, etc., on Facebook and Twitter).

With the assistance of Sound Money Defense League and Money Metals Exchange leaders, the following blue-ribbon panel of judges selected the finalists:

• Per Bylund, Records-Johnston professor of free enterprise, Oklahoma State University
• Mike Maharrey, National Communications Director, Tenth Amendment Center
• Larry Reed, President Emeritus, Foundation for Economic Education

Since its creation in 2016, the Sound Money Scholarship program has attracted hundreds of applicants representing more than 275 different high schools, colleges, institutes, and universities across more than 40 states, five countries, and four continents.

“Students everywhere are waking up to the ongoing devaluation of the Federal Reserve Note and the central-bank policy that may seem like it is punishing savers, wage-earners, and retirees especially,” said Stefan Gleason, president of Money Metals Exchange.

“Our scholarship gives students the opportunity to display their understanding of economics while lessening the burden of the significantly inflated costs associated with attending college,” said Jp Cortez, policy director of the Sound Money Defense League.

The deadline to submit applications for consideration next year is October 31, 2021. For more information, visit or email [email protected].

About Sound Money Defense League and Money Metals Exchange:
Sound Money Defense League is a public policy group working nationally to promote sound money across the U.S.

Money Metals Exchange-a national precious-metals retailer recently named “Best in the USA” by an independent global-ratings group-buys, sells, and securely stores physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. For more information, please visit

Jp Cortez
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