Bullish Trading Academy Is Out to Run One of the Highest Winning Percentages in Trading Groups

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 23, 2021 / 2020 wasn’t the smoothest of times for markets globally as the COVID-19 pandemic wiped out valuations in a blink of an eye due to economic shutdowns. But it’s in such tumultuous times that day traders like those in Bullish Trading Academy know what it takes to win. Through the mentorship of leading day trader Boris Medvedo, the coaching program and company for market traders aims to run a community with the highest percentage of successful students.

Bullish Trading Academy is a community-based educational program that provides people with knowledge, tools, and applications to grow their equity through the markets successfully. The company currently teaches people how to successfully day trade stock markets and soon will start teaching swing trading, options trading, and even incorporate the forex markets in the near future.

The company’s founder and CEO, Boris Medvedo, started Bullish Trading Academy after experiencing massive success at an early age. A twenty-year-old day trader who has made a total of seven-figure returns through day trading, he now looks to help others mimic his fortunes and win big in their trades. The CEO began his journey quite early, working at restaurants when he was only fifteen, and started his online business. He built up a total capital of roughly $25,000 and started to enter the markets.

Bullish Trading Academy’s young CEO now pursues a new calling: helping others achieve stellar results through the markets. The program delivers a wide variety of online courses and programs to help aspiring traders succeed, including “Bullish Trading Academy: A-Z of Everything You Need to Know to Day Trade,” “School of Psychology,” “Price Action and Tape Reading 101,” “Technical Analysis Mastery,” “Risk Management and Guidance Bootcamp,” and many others.

Apart from training and online courses, Bullish Trading Academy also runs a community of people who can observe Boris’s daily trades via the streaming app, Discord. Hundreds are currently enrolled into the academy, which includes a chat room for aspiring and existing traders to learn from each other. Some students are even enrolled into the paid coaching program meant to really take their trading to the next level.

Bullish Trading Academy thrives in its family-like atmosphere, where everyone wants to see the other succeed. Unlike larger groups and programs where people get lost in the oversaturated queries and low-level answers, Boris thrives in keeping Bullish Trading Academy lean and concentrated with value and learnings. In the process, he has helped over a hundred people become successful in the stock market, reaching valuations of six to seven digits since they entered the program.

The program’s latest offering is an all-access lifetime membership format that gives entrants access to all the company’s educational content, online classes, seminars, and coaching sessions. Bullish Trading Academy hopes to train and deploy hundreds of other traders who will experience more financial and time freedom through trading the markets.

Learn more about Bullish Trading Academy by visiting their website.

Company: Bullish Trading Academy
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 810-255-1332
Website: www.medvedotrading.com

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