Stabilis Solutions Provides Emergency Energy Supply to Gulf Coast During Recent Winter Storms

Stabilis is a leading North American provider of clean, reliable liquified natural gas to support pipeline and utility customers during extreme weather events

HOUSTON, TX / ACCESSWIRE / February 24, 2021 / Stabilis Solutions, Inc. (“Stabilis” or the “Company”) (OTCQX:SLNG), a leading provider of distributed liquified natural gas (“LNG”) and hydrogen to pipelines and utilities, is currently providing LNG fuel and equipment to 10 locations in multiple states to support heating and power generation for over 100,000 households, including several Gulf Coast locations negatively impacted by the recent winter storms and the associated gas pipeline and utility outages.

“Stabilis is proud to support our customers and communities in a time of crisis,” said Jim Reddinger, Stabilis President and Chief Executive Officer. “When the pipeline is not flowing, and the electrical power grid is down, our customers require a reliable, cost-effective source of energy that is available in tough times. LNG delivers on these needs and is a clean fuel that meets our customers’ emissions reduction requirements for their energy transition plans.”

LNG can be mobilized quickly to provide a clean and reliable energy solution when the existing infrastructure cannot perform as required. LNG provides high energy density, allowing for cost-efficient transportation and storage, and is available from multiple geographically diverse producers providing certainty of supply and stable commodity pricing. In addition, LNG can significantly reduce harmful environmental emissions when compared to traditional fuel sources.

Reddinger continued, “Stabilis has delivered millions of gallons of LNG to supplement gas pipelines and to fuel power generation applications. Our experience in distributed natural gas solutions can benefit our customers when reliability and safety are needed most – just like we saw last week on the Gulf Coast.”

Stabilis currently utilizes over 50 pieces of mobile cryogenic and regasification equipment to support its pipeline and utility customers. Stabilis delivers LNG to these customers from 10 different supply sources, including its LNG production plant in South Texas, and supports them with 25 trained Stabilis field staff and drivers.

About Stabilis
Stabilis Solutions, Inc. is a vertically integrated energy transition company that provides clean energy solutions to our customers. Our solutions include small-scale liquefied natural gas (“LNG”) production, distribution and fueling services to multiple end markets in North America. Stabilis also provides hydrogen fueling services to its customers. Stabilis has safely delivered over 250 million gallons of LNG through more than 25,000 truck deliveries during its 16-year operating history in the LNG industry, which we believe makes us one of the largest and most experienced small-scale LNG providers in North America. Stabilis’ customers use LNG and hydrogen as a fuel sources in a variety of applications in the industrial, energy, mining, utilities and pipelines, commercial, and high horsepower transportation markets. Stabilis’ customers use LNG and hydrogen as alternatives to traditional fuel sources, such as distillate fuel oil and propane, to lower fuel costs and reduce harmful environmental emissions. Stabilis’ customers also use LNG as a “virtual pipeline” solution when natural gas pipelines are not available or volumes are curtailed. To learn more, visit

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