TAB Tribe Is Building Mentorships And Community Amongst Entrepreneurs. Find Out More Below

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 15, 2021 / For Real Estate Investors of days gone by, learning how to play the game and make it work for you was a monumental task. Years of trial and error, millions of dollars lost, and decades until you find success.

Thanks to entrepreneurs like Terry Thayer, founder of TAB Tribe (among other 8-figure entities), young Real Estate Investors are getting their first taste of profitability in this market sooner than ever.

Many of us get inspired to follow a certain career path or specific job due to a good mentor in our lives who did something similar. However, many of us do not get the opportunity to train or study under a professional coach in the field we are interested in. Instead, we launch in head first. Instead, we should be looking to foster a larger community and mentors who can guide us through our paths just like everything else in life.

TAB Tribe is a group and community aiming to do just that. Veterans of the Real Estate industry, they are on a mission to level up your business acumen. An all in one place for entrepreneurs, TAB Tribe hopes to foster community, teach people tips and tricks, and build friendships along the way as people aim to grow their businesses and learn techniques from other mentors whether you’re an investor that likes to buy and hold, a flipper, or a wholesaler.

TAB Tribe offers a range of three different courses taught by their team to teach various skills for whatever your entrepreneurial needs are.

  1. The REI Wholesale Scaling Course: this class teaches you how to work hard without working long hours. Their goal for their students is to develop systems that drive 6-figures per month in revenue while only working 4-6 hours’ worth of deep work per week.
  2. The Hiring Course: Hiring is not as easy as uploading a post to Upwork and watching qualified, skilled workers beg you for a job. In fact, it’s the opposite. This is where TAB Tribe comes in to help you hire the right people.
  3. Private Coaching: the TAB Tribe works closely to offer coaching to a small group of entrepreneurs

Terry Thayer helps aspiring entrepreneurs learn the ins and outs of business through various coaching and teaching sessions. Terry, a longtime businessman in real estate himself, has learned a lot from his mistakes. Like a good life mentor, he wants to give back to others to teach them to follow their dreams, follow in his footsteps, but also to learn from where he went wrong and how they can avoid these pitfalls.

“My greatest accomplishment is building and automating multiple seven and eight figure businesses by putting systems and the right people in place to run them. This gives me the opportunity to give back and mentor other real estate entrepreneurs to not make the same mistakes I did in my past,” Terry explains.

Wondering how you can get in touch with TAB Tribe? Businessmen of this level are usually unreachable, but not these guys! To find out more about TAB Tribe, you can check out their website here.


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