Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Hada Cosmetic Medicine 2
Hada Cosmetic Medicine 2.
9-year-old NASA
9-year-old applies to NASA
Lactation Consultant Discusses Breastfeeding Benefits
Lactation Consultant, Paula Hart discusses the benefits of nursing and addresses some common myths during world breastfeeding week.
Hockey’s sticks and pucks have evolution history
It's Thursday and it’s time to go to hockey school looking at some of the most basic elements of the game in “Ice Breakers.”
Bay County Traffic Engineering Department
Bay County Traffic Engineering Department
Company Microchips Employees
A western Wisconsin company is offering its employees a perk they say will take their workers into the future.
Drought hurts South Dakota's agriculture economy
Drought hurts South Dakota's agriculture economy
Bedford County agriculture growing economy
The growth in agriculture on the state level is reflected in our region. It is still one of the biggest industries in Bedford County.
Change of Command Ceremony
Hundreds witnessed one of the most significant Change of Commands today at the Stennis Space Center. After three years of serving as the commander of Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command for the United States Navy, Admiral Timothy Gallaudet is retiring. He says he is excited about the change of command and looks forward to Admiral John Okon taking over. “I couldn’t be more happy and proud. I think our command here at Stennis Space Center has never been a better position and the new commander, Admiral John Okon, is the right guy for the job and he is going to take everything that we have done and keep it moving forward.” Admiral Okon is no stranger to South Mississippi and is excited to be moving back. He says this will allow him to be directly involved in the communities along the Gulf Coast. “It feels like coming back home. It really does. Valerie and I were here back in the late 90s and coming back we just had the same friends, same family, and what’s most important and what we felt right away when we got on the Coast is the love that the Gulf Coast and Mississippi has for the Navy.” Not only is this a significant change for Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command, but for Mississippi as well. Today’s Change of Command was for the highest ranking officer in the state of Mississippi. Gallaudet says his greatest accomplishment while in command were advancements in technology and he looks forward to Admiral Okon continuing this. “That’s really where we have a special capability and we’ve advance it quite significantly and those were focus areas of mine. You’ll see our U.S. Navy and military using those capabilities, unmanned systems and super computers and high performance computing more and more in the future,” said Admiral Gallaudet. Admiral Gallaudet is considering a few positions in the government and will be announcing more in the future.
Explore the Best Summer Camp
Being bold, smart, energetic, and showing your talent is something more than 20 girls are doing this week at Ingalls Shipyard in Pascagoula. News 25’s Tanner Stewart takes us to the ‘Explore the Best You’ girls summer camp to learn more. After posing for a quick photo, a group of young ladies got down to business, building up their skills in various STEM areas through hands on projects, like the engineering that goes into building safe roller coasters. At the helm was some of the leading workers in the science and tech industry, like Instructor April Martin, who is sharing her skills and experience at Ingalls Shipbuilding in hopes of getting young ladies like Alyssa Foster on track to a non-traditional career for women such as engineering or pipefitting. “I think it’s very cool. I think what they are trying to do is very genius,” said Alyssa. “Engineering is every day. It touches every day. Whatever goes on in your life, it’s just how you want to use it to touch the world. So, it brings it back down to them because engineering is seen for the nerds, to high tech or whatever and we just want them to see they can do it too,” said Martin. From painting to installation, you can even learn how to be a welder. Camp Counselor Sonya Ashley said, “It’s a program where they can learn teamwork. They can learn to build each other up those characteristics that we need as young woman.” The camp launched with an exercise building roller coasters, but these girls, age 11 to 14, will be working side-by-side with some of Ingalls’ top workers in the science, technology, engineering, and math fields throughout the week long camp, learning valuable skills that could one day land them working daily beside these instructors in years to come.

Wentz, receivers working on chemistry
Wentz, receivers working on chemistry
Company Microchips
Employees at a western Wisconsin company will soon be the first in the united states to be able to pay for purchase items or log into their computers using only their hand...
Friday Tornado
Tornado near Sanger
Upcoming Events At The 2017 Champaign County Fair
Matt talks to 2017 Champaign County Fair Queen Claire Smith, 2017 Little Miss Champaign County Jordynn Huskisson, and Mike Kobel about the Champaign County Fair. Some of the upcoming events include: Friday, July 21 - Sprint Car Racing Monday, July 24 - Talent Show and Karaoke Contest Thursday, July 27 - Motor Madness Friday, July 28 - concert featuring Chris Young. The Champaign County Fair is part of the Illinois Association of Agricultural Fairs and features agriculture and livestock aspects
Drone Photos Help Farmers Crop
As a new wave of technology-based jobs hit the agriculture sector, some Wisconsin businesses are taking advantage.
Traffic Stop Etiquette for Driver's Education
SPRINGFIELD -- Driver's Education teaches young drivers many things during courses, but HB-785 aims to improve relations between police and drivers during a traffic stop. On her last day of driver's education, 16 year-old Georgia Phillips is looking forward to doing things on her own. "I'm excited about not having to go with a parent and being able to get McDonalds when I want to," Georgia says. She knows to pull over for emergency vehicles, but one thing she has not covered in class, is how to behave when she is pulled over by police - something she has rarely experienced. When asked if she had ever been in the car for a traffic stop, Georgia replied, "I think I have when I was younger, but not since I've started driving." HB-785, proposed by Representative Gretchen Bangert of St. Louis, would make traffic stop behavior mandatory for driver's education. Daphne Greenlee works with the Driver's Education program at the Mercy Injury Prevention Center. She says that while they do cover what to do when an emergency vehicle passes, they do not focus on how students should interact with police. "It's not something that we spend alot of time on, if you get pulled over, what to do at that point. and so it's definitely an area that we could see being beneficial to our students to take the time to learn that information," Greenlee says. Corporal Joe Daugherty is a 7-year veteran with the Nixa Police Department. He has advice for young drivers when they are pulled over. "With any traffic stop that we do, until we get up there, it's mostly unknown what is going on in that vehicle," Cpl. Daugherty explains. "If you follow instructions, don't make any quick movements, and you let them know what you are doing, it should be a pretty boring incident." Nixa Police made it clear they do not a have a stance on this bill. Representative Bangert tells KOLR10 it will be introduced in the Missouri House at the next session in January. Until then, young drivers can educate themselves on the do's and dont's of a traffic stop at this link to the Missouri Highway Patrol Website.
Nursing home
Brittany Marshall reports
Powered Libraries Road Trip Stops in San Angelo
The Texas Library Association (TLA) is kicking off year two of our Powered Libraries campaign with a road trip through west Texas to highlight the wonderful, creative work libraries are doing in their communities. The campaign tour will visit six libraries in San Angelo, Midland, Fort Davis, Marathon, and El Paso to produce video spotlights dedicated to each library. Over the course of five days, July 12-18, staff from TLA and the Texas State Library and Archives Commission will visit five cities and seven libraries from one of the smallest public libraries in the state to an academic/research library nestled in the McDonald Observatory unveiling the unique programming and collections each library offers. Everyone is invited to join us to experience this engaging library tour, where cutting edge technology and old-school pastimes combine to create an exciting programming, power civic engagement, enrich economic development and foster a lifelong passion for learning and discovery. Join us at these scheduled Powered Libraries Road Trip stops or follow along on the road trip via social media (#poweredlibraries). For more details visit poweredlibraries.org San Angelo, TX Wednesday, July 12 at 3:00pm | STEAM Central at Tom Green County Library The Tom Green County Library recently received a $75,000 grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, awarded by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. Funds from this grant fueled the creativity behind STEAM Central, a state-of-the-art maker space located in the basement of the Stephens Central Library. Library staff partner with local organizations, area colleges, and invested advocates to bring innovative programming and projects to this hub of community connection. The campaign will visit with Clint Hudson, STEAM Central's "Maker in Residence," to learn how forging partnerships with local advocates has empowered the programming at Stephens Central Library. Midland, TX Thursday, July 13 at 12:00pm | Midland Public Library Knitting and Adult Coloring Groups Midland Public Library has been praised for its visionary version of what a library of the future can offer. Cutting edge technology plugged into an engaging environment space offers libraries across Texas (and nationally) an example of the library as an exciting destination supporting civic engagement, economic development, and lifelong learning and discovery. For those looking to unplug, Midland Public Library also offers a variety of ways community members can sync-up through once-old, now modern pastimes, including a knitting group and adult coloring sessions. These close knit and colorful cliques provide a welcome repose from the stresses of a screen-filled, Wi-Fi world and offer their patrons a chance to truly connect, no password required. Fort Davis, TX Friday, July 14 at 3:00pm | University of Texas McDonald Observatory Library The McDonald Observatory Library is located in the base of the Otto Struve dome, home of the 82-inch telescope perched high over Fort Davis, Texas. This unique library location serves the staff of the observatory, visiting astronomers, and members of the Department of Astronomy at the University of Texas. Star-gazing students and select researchers have access to a variety of print and online resources focused mainly on astronomy and related fields. Highlights from the collection include hand-drawn maps of constellations, planets and other celestial celebrities, and historic images from the construction of the observatory that are truly out of this world. Marathon, TX Saturday, July 15 at 3:00pm | Marathon Public Library, Big Ideas from a Small Library Nestled in one of the last outposts before Big Bend country, visitors will find a small library with some BIG ideas. Library Director Elizabeth Holt oversees the carefully curated collection at this cozy 720 sq.-foot branch. In addition to the onsite physical collection of books, magazines, and other circulating items (including a set of cake pans patrons can borrow to bake their next mouthwatering masterpiece), patrons also have access to more than 80,000 digital eBooks. Somehow Holt finds the space to host tinkering workshops, local history nights, book clubs, 3D printing sessions, yoga classes, and more in the friendly confines of her pint-sized public library. Marathon Public Library is smack dab in the middle of one of the darkest and starriest skies in the nation. When the sun goes down, Holt enlists the help of local astronomy buffs to set up telescopes for hands-on training in astro-photography as they party with the planets. El Paso, TX Monday, July 17 at 11:30am | El Paso Public Library Sow. Grow. RepEat. Seed Library Out in the western-most Texas town of El Paso, green-thumbed patrons can get back to their roots at the Sow. Grow. RepEat. Seed Library. Seed libraries are places that share or lend seeds. Urban farmers can "check-out" seeds to grow themselves and return seeds to the library once they have harvested the fruits (and vegetables) of their labor to share with others. The program provides an alternative to genetically modified seeds, increases biodiversity and plant resilience, and reconnects El Paso residents with their food systems. The library offers classes and partners with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension El Paso Master Gardeners to share best practices and time-tested tricks to ensure a successful harvest for even the brownest of thumbs. El Paso, TX Monday, July 17 at 3:30pm | University of Texas El Paso Image Collections The University of Texas El Paso provides innovative services, programs, and resources that support the school's mission of education, research, scholarship, and community service. The library is the home to a range of print and electronic information resources that meet the unique needs of its users in the multicultural university community and the U.S.Mexico border region. The C. L. Sonnichsen Special Collections Department includes the Chicano Collection, the Judaica Collection, the S. L. A. Marshall Military History Collection, the Southwest and Border Studies Collection, as well as collections of art and rare books. These special collections help paint a colorful portrait of the people that call the El Paso region home. Ysleta del Sur Pueblo, TX Tuesday, July 18 at 12:00pm | Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo Tribal Empowerment Library Ysleta Del Sur Tigua Reservation Tribal Empowerment Library serves the members of the Pueblo through resources including youth programming and a specially designed Tuy Pathu "I am Tigua" curriculum blending cultural lessons with the foundational elements of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. The Tribal Empowerment Library houses more than 18,000 titles including a large native American collection and a recently added T'aiki Tiwa reference section. The library hosts a variety of intergenerational cultural activities that invite tribal elders to engage with younger members of the community to reinforce traditional values, methods, and culinary practices while instilling new skills to ready young minds for the challenges of today.
High School Students Learning about Engineering, Manufacturi
High School Students Learning about Engineering, Manufacturing at USI


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