Thursday, May 24, 2018
Gaming experts on sports betting in Mississippi
This morning one of America’s leading gaming experts, Thomas Shepard, spoke to the Gulf Coast Business Council about the legalization of sports betting in Mississippi. According to the gaming attorney, the landmark ruling could create immediate economic impact. He says Mississippi could have a regional monopoly when it comes to sports betting. The gaming commission has already started to put regulations into place. “They will use what’s known as geo-fencing which is technology used to ensure that an activity can only take place within the confines of a physical location. It will be Wi-Fi cell service available at the property, but it will be geo-fenced so that the betting cannot take place anywhere but right on the property itself.” The commission could vote on the rules at its next scheduled meeting on June 21st which means casinos could start taking sports bets sometime in late July.
The Healthy WAAY: Fitness Tracker Benefits
Some lesser used features that could help one stay on track to health
Waitr Opens Up Opportunities for New Businesses
Waitr Opens Up Opportunities for New Businesses
Waitr Acquisition May Lead to Lafayette Tech Boom
Waitr Acquisition May Lead to Lafayette Tech Boom
The Healthy WAAY: Restoring Touch For Amputees
Technology once found only in science fiction could enable amputees to feel the sensation of touch in their prosthetic limbs
LUS Internet Upgrade
lus gets some new internet
Overturned Fuel Truck
WAAY 31's Sarah Singleterry reports on the site of a fuel spill caused by an overturned tanker
ULA Workers Striking
WAAY 31's Will Robinsion-Smith reports on a strike by workers at United Launch Alliance
ULA Strike
WAAY 31's Will Robinson-Smith reports from outside United Launch Alliance in Decatur where workers are picketing as part an International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers strike
On Your Side - Top Tested TV Antennas
You may think of TV antennas as those old rabbit ears people would sometimes cover in tin foil to try to get better reception. Well those days are long gone.

0506 ashley air show
ashley air show
The Healthy WAAY: Apps Against Assault
Some apps for your phone that could help protect you against assault
Oil refinery 4P VOSOT clip -TJW
A pair of explosions sends several people to the hospital up in northern Wisconsin.
Janesville bar owner 'So I purchased a robot' SOT
"So I purchased a robot from there. It was very impulsive. I'm going to place it out in front of the building and let it age with time"
Here’s what you can and can’t do while driving with your mobile devices
Lawmakers behind HB 673 want to clear up some of the confusion on which devices are allowed and which are not for drivers behind the wheel.
2018 Technology Expo
Today at the Beau Rivage Casino, entrepreneurs, business start-ups, and fans of cutting edge tech gathered for the 2018 Technology Expo. Social trends, cyber security, and cloud usage are just a few examples of the concepts that were discussed at the event.  Those in attendance heard from several tech experts. Learning Sources and Solutions President Dr. Tammy Means said, “We’ve brought all the different technologies that we all use together in one place and so we’re figuring out which technologies should we use and should we not use.” C Spire Marketing Specialist Anita Clarke said, “There’s so many things about your business now that technology wise needs to change because it changes every single day.” The Mississippi Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce Technology Expo was presented by C Spire.
Spring Cleaning Social Media
Spring Cleaning Social Media
Recreating Memories Via Virtual Reality
Pennsylvania high school student is helping senior citizens by creating virtual reality "memory montages." WGAL's Hannah McDonald reports.
How Much Car Can You Really Afford?
Experts say many car buyers don't take all expenses into account when shopping for a new ride. NBC's Chris Clackum reports.


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