Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Port Of Gulfport Sea One Makes Big Investment
The Port of Gulfport has been rebuilding and expanding since Hurricane Katrina dealt a devastating blow nearly 13 years ago. News 25's Toni Miles talks to the President and Chief Operating Officer of Sea One Holdings and gives us a look at plans for the multi - billion dollar port project and company. When it comes to setting up business, location is key... And the port of Gulfport caught the eye of Sea One Holdings president and Chief Operating Officer Bruce hall as he searched for the perfect place to set up a base facility and export terminal for international business ... "Sea One Holdings, through its affiliate’s sea one Caribbean has and is developing a fuel supply project to the Caribbean Central and South America." - Bruce Hall "The technology as we said earlier is unique because nobody else has the technology." - Bruce Hall Hall says once the port completes its site preparation of terminal four, construction for the $1.9 billion dollar first phase of the company will be underway...Opening the door for the U.S. to export fuel supplies from the U.S. that hall says are cleaner and more cost effective. "And while sea one has committed to a 40 year lease at the Port of Gulfport, the company is already investing outside the port parameters and into the community." - Toni Miles "We have been sponsoring the middle school robotics team and the middle school robotics team. As you know, they have both qualified for world competitions." - Bruce Hall As for the first of at least five phases of sea one's business plan ... Everything appears to be on track...and besides the initial 45 High Tech Jobs that will be created and filled at the port facility ... Hall says the launch of Sea One Gulfport will flow over into other sectors of the local economy ...as the company launches and continues to grow. In Gulfport, Toni Miles, News 25.
What The Tech: Android Malware
WAAY 31 Tech Guy Jamey Tucker warns you about apps you might want to avoid if you have an android smartphone
What The Tech: Samsung Galaxy S9 Review
WAAY 31 Tech Guy Jamey Tucker takes a look at the features on the Samsung Galaxy S9
New Tech Offers Rapid Cancer Detection
A group of scientists and engineers from the University of Texas at Austin recently developed a new pen called the MasSpec pen, which can detect cancer by touch in just seconds. WEAU's Katarina Vergara reports.
Facebook collects call, text history of some Android users
Facebook collects call, text history of some Android users, are you one of them? KXLY 4 Nightside's Stevee Chapman tells you how to find out.
App of The Day: Ada
WAAY 31 Tech Guy Jamey Tucker reports on an app that could help you diagnose symptoms
Girl Scouts Get Fake $100 Bill
Someone bought a box of Girl Scout cookies in Memphis with a counterfeit $100 bill. WMC's Sasha Jones reports.
Consumer News Block
Consumer news for March 26th.
Credit Card Loyalty: Time To Shop Around?
New study finds many Americans are loyal to their credit card provider, and it could be costing them. NBC's Chris Clackum reports.
50 percent of electricity powered by hydroelectricity in 2017
Idaho Power said hydroelectricity generated almost 50 percent of customers' homes last year, the most in recent years.

Effective Advertising
One thing all business owners want to know is how to increase traffic into their business. When you begin to research how to do that, you find all kinds of answers that can be quite confusing.  In my opinion there are a few tips that can help any business clear up the confusion and find success. Every advertising strategy should include multiple different media types.  I will call this sort of strategy  "cross- platform advertising". Cross-platform advertising consists of using television, digital, radio, print, etc.. simultaneously to reach a higher number of people versus concentrating on one medium. As technology advances it has made it easier to reach the exact people you want to target. Let me give an example; do you think that someone would keep your business top of mind if they only saw you once a week? What if they saw you at 7 p.m. during their favorite prime television show, got on Facebook to talk about their evening  and saw your digital ad, and then got up the next morning driving to work and heard your ad on the radio? Who would be top of mind? If you want your business to grow you must dominate your market and become the top of mind business you want to be. Lastly the make or break of any great advertising strategy is your call to action. You could be present in different types of mediums and have the wrong call to action and the strategy would fail. The best recommendation would be having your call to action consistent across the various platforms you are advertising with. Remember to speak directly to your audience as if you are inviting them right into your business for the best deal in town.
What The Tech: Crisis Text Line
WAAY 31 Tech Guy Jamey Tucker reports on an app that's intended to help teens in crisis
Life-Saving Locks?
Tennessee inventor says his remote control door locks could save lives during school shootings. WSMV's Carley Gordon reports.
What The Tech: Young Men And Video Games
WAAY 31 Tech Guy Jamey Tucker reports that more young men are playing video games these days and working less
What The Tech: Apps For Allergy Relief
WAAY 31 Tech Guy Jamey Tucker reports on apps that can help people cope with allergies
What The Tech: Digital Spring Clearing
WAAY 31 Tech Guy Jamey Tucker talks about ways to get rid of unneeded clutter in your phone's memory
What The Tech: Hackers Hijacking Computers To Mine Bitcoin
WAAY 31 Tech Guy Jamey Tucker reports on how hackers are hijacking other people's computers to mine bitcoin without them catching on
High-Tech Vests Map Heart Problems
Peering into a patient's heart and locating potentially-deadly irregular heartbeats takes surgery with a catheter, but a new high-tech vest is a new way to bypass that in some cases. KXAN's Gigi Barnett reports.
App Of The Day: World Around Me
WAAY 31 Tech Guy Jamey Tucker reports on an augmented reality app that lets you find things like restaurants and stores in your vicinity
What The Tech: Gadgets That Save Photos
WAAY 31 Tech Guy Jamey Tucker reports on gadgets that can save your photos to keep you from filling up your phone's memories


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