Thursday, March 30, 2017
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It was another memorable year on the basketball courts across Pennsylvania, and we're sad to see the season end. Here are some of the best sights and sounds from the 2016-17 season, set to music, of course.   [READ MORE]
The Green Bay Blizzard dropped their second home game of the season in heartbreaking fashion against Arizona. Head coach Chris Williams stops by Sports Xtra to talk about the loss, and moving forward into next week.   [READ MORE]
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Berks Opera Presents
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Host David Richie discusses the relationship between music and technology with coloratura soprano Maggie Riker, who talks about her family's business, Cody Systems. Upcoming Berks Opera events are discussed, including the March 23, 2017 Unleashing Your Inner Opera Fan multimedia presentation to be held at Phoebe Berks in Wernersville, PA.   [READ MORE]
A South Mississippi military veteran is using some of his skills and training on the big screen and making a name for himself in the film business. News 25’s Kristen Durand goes behind the scenes with Long Beach resident Christopher Heskey who shares his experience in this new role in the spotlight and gives us a sneak peek at some of his recent and upcoming appearances. Budget cuts led to another type of cut, the kind you hear on a movie set for former Seabee Base law enforcement officer Christopher Heskey who was forced to find a new line of work. “I was in school learning how to deal poker and I was talked into being an extra on ‘22 Jump Street.’” After his first few small roles as an extra, Heskey soon became a hit with casting directors. “I was pulled aside by the director and put in a unique position and I kind of fell in love with it from day one.” Heskey has been acting for a little more than three years now and already has an extensive list of roles on IMDB, most recently working alongside Hugh Jackman in the movie “Logan.” He’s done everything from stunt work to major speaking roles and even some behind the scenes work. “In Ocean Springs, we had a premiere of a short film called ‘Meanwhile in Mississippi.’ I play a SWAT officer, go figure that one, and then there was ‘Logan’ that came out and then on Lifetime Movie Network, which airs again this week on Lifetime, called ‘A Deadly Affair’ which was filmed again here,” said Heskey. While Heskey is used to being on the other side of the badge in real life, he says his military and law enforcement training has served him well as an actor. “They know you’re disciplined. They know you can handle weapons.” Heskey says he’s not finished with acting by a long shot, but regardless of the roles he plays on the big screen he’ll always remain true to himself and live by words of advice from fellow actor Christopher Berry to never give up. “He said some of the greatest actors out there, you will never see because they gave up so don’t ever give up and that’s kind of my mentality now is don’t give up,” said Heskey.   [READ MORE]
Health guru Bob Harper was enjoying a walk with his dog while out and about in New York City, so we just had to check in with him and see how he's doing and if he'll be able to continue on with a health and fitness lifestyle.   [READ MORE]
Angelina Jolie was in Cambodia promoting her new film, First The Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers, when she was asked about her split from Brad Pitt. She said 'she is coping', 'it was a very difficult time', 'but we'll always be a family'.   [READ MORE]

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