Monday, August 21, 2017
Remembering iconic film stars from another era   [READ MORE]
Never Been to Graceland
by Clip Syndicate
Justin Gausman and David Scott tell us about their film coming to the Black Hills in August. The movie can be seen in Hot Springs and in Rapid City   [READ MORE]
The Camp Connection
by Clip Syndicate
South Mountain YMCA Camp CEO Nathan Brant talks about the camp's film class with film teacher Ryan Mills and class participants Aiden, Alejandro, Ashton, Justin, Max, Sophia, Vegas and Zach. Clips of their films were also shown.   [READ MORE]
Hello Movie Maniacs! Let's get right to the new releases this week with Chris the Critic with the Missouri Film Alliance!   [READ MORE]
“Dunkirk”: Film Critic Chuck Koplinski   [READ MORE]
This Year's Scream Queen
by Clip Syndicate
Behind the scenes with local film makers. Sunday, July 16th, 2017 Kristen Nielsen reports   [READ MORE]

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