Wednesday, April 26, 2017
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Spring is Springing!Santo Marabella of Reading Film chats about the production of "Sweat" and other projects he's involved in. Sheila Harrington, Martha Richardson, Nicole Weaver and Jane Street talk about current events and other fun topics.   [READ MORE]
film prize junior
by Clip Syndicate
joel Rodgers live shot at artbreak   [READ MORE]
Beyoncé's was given a Peabody Award for her visual film "Lemonade".   [READ MORE]
The San Juan Independent Film festival stopped by Montrose this past weekend to feature independent films while raising money for other local charities. The two day film festival had many feature films including one about the selflessness of a kidney donor to someone he'd never met. Harold Mintz said, "This took place 16 years ago, I regularly speak to high schools, I talk to kids about to get their drivers license. Not to convince to sign their drivers license to become an organ donor, but to just consider it." We wanted to take a look at this special act of kindness during April's National Donate Life Month. "When the filmmaker approached me and said 'would you mind if we made a film about you?' for me it was an obvious yes because now if somebody sees this film and they get curious about donation it means they might actually raise their hand and become a donor and sign their license also," said Mintz. "She had 44 surgeries, she had been dialysis for 12 years, kidney functions dropping all the time. When she got the new kidney, it started working immediately and it changed her life instantly," said Mintz. National Give Life Month supports awareness for organ, eye, and tissue donation. "Effects your entire life. You can't leave your house or the vicinity because you've got to go every other day to the dialysis center. If you get a new kidney, it frees you," said Mintz. "I am so happy, so grateful, and so thankful for being back here again. It's just a blessing to still be in the mix of sharing this wonderful inspirational work to the world. I'm a happier man, thank you," said Johnny Jameson. Both actors said they look forward to coming back to the Western Slope in the future and hope their films will leave a lasting impact on the community.   [READ MORE]
Previewing the State Theatre's upcoming film.   [READ MORE]
Film critic chuck Koplinski reviews the new film, "Fate of the Furious."   [READ MORE]
ESPN to film documentary on Vincent basketball team   [READ MORE]

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