Monday, August 21, 2017
by Clip Syndicate
Discover The Dinosaurs   [READ MORE]
The Swayambhunath temple in Kathmandu, known as the "Monkey Temple", was reduced to a pile of rubble by the earthquake that devastated much of Nepal on 25 April. Archeologists are at the site to catalogue what is left and prevent any looting.   [READ MORE]
Robots and dinosaurs mingled with cosplayers as Japan's largest video-sharing website Niconico opens its two-day meet-up gala which is expected to attract more than 100,000 fans for the offline get together.   [READ MORE]
Most of the antiquities at the Iraqi archaeological sites destroyed by Islamic State jihadists had been moved to various museums around the world, and a lot of the archaeology remains untouched, a professor of Iraqi history said. Duration: 01:15   [READ MORE]
Science is now looking to nature to find the best way to store data in a way that will make it last for millennia. Just one gram of DNA is theoretically capable of containing all the data of internet giants such as Google and Facebook. Researchers in Zurich wanted to find ways to combine the storage capacity of DNA with the stability of the DNA found in fossils. The Zurich team say their process could make the data encoded in DNA readable in 10,000 years' time or even longer

As the investigation into human remains found in Clark County in 1979 continues, law enforcement there are now partnering with Idaho State University. And the anthropology department has a new tool that could help crack the case.   [READ MORE]
A mayor in Wisconsin has learned a valuable lesson about his city's weather-predicting critter: Don't get too close. Jimmy, the official groundhog in Sun Prairie, bit the mayor's ear during a Groundhog Day celebration on Monday. The groundhog's handler was holding the animal next to Mayor Jonathan Freund's face when it promptly bit down. Freund flinched, but he went on with his declaration that Jimmy had predicted an early spring.   [READ MORE]

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