Friday, September 22, 2017
Try It Before You Buy It: Family Tree DNA   [READ MORE]
Healthcare Goes to the Cloud
by Paul Fitzgerald for America's Backbone Weekly
Having your head in the cloud just might be a healthy thing after all   [READ MORE]
The federal government has plans to fund human-animal hybrid research. Here's what that means and why it raises ethical concerns.   [READ MORE]
Patients who have incurable lung cancer or who haven't responded well to other treatments will undergo the first tests.   [READ MORE]
And it's thanks to a newish vaccine technology called DNA vaccines.   [READ MORE]
At-home DNA testing kits for people are becoming commonplace, and now there are similar products for your dog. Their goal is to help you better manage your dog's health, and they may also help you figure out their breed. NBC's Olivia Sterns reports.   [READ MORE]

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