Tuesday, March 28, 2017
by Clip Syndicate
Despite the failure of a new health care bill, the President is already looking ahead to other issues. NewsChannel 9's Beth Cefalu is following Trump's new fight to reform America's tax code and difficulties ahead.   [READ MORE]
If you work in healthcare, youll want to check out how these five innovative apps can help your business.   [READ MORE]
-Brian Hardy joins Mines as Associate Athletic Director in charge of Sports Medicine. -Abby Pollart joins Hardrockers as Assistant Volleyball Coach.   [READ MORE]
Healthcare Goes to the Cloud
by Paul Fitzgerald for America's Backbone Weekly
Having your head in the cloud just might be a healthy thing after all   [READ MORE]
The vaccine is still a long way from commercial use, but funding to fight Zika could run out by the end of the month.   [READ MORE]
Make a difference in the life of a senior citizen.   [READ MORE]
The Feisty Fighters are hoping to raise money for cancer research through their annual Knickers Fore Knockers golf tournament.   [READ MORE]

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