Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Murray heads into stands
by Clip Syndicate
Cell phone video appears to show Alaska Aces head coach Rob Murray in the stands with multiple people holding him back after a 5-2 loss at home Saturday.   [READ MORE]
Mandy talks about cell phone etiquette   [READ MORE]
Bluetooth Speaker
by Clip Syndicate
Bluetooth Speaker   [READ MORE]
While next-generation 5G cellular will bring faster downloads for consumers, the new networking technology is poised to bring big benefits to business users enabling new users for cellular networks.   [READ MORE]
Cell phone video of Anaheim off-duty officer and teen during a tussle   [READ MORE]
E-Logs: What Your Fleet Business Needs To Know To Be Compliant
by Paul Fitzgerald for America's Backbone Weekly
Is your business ready to meet the December 18, 2017 deadline?   [READ MORE]

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