Wednesday, June 28, 2017
by Clip Syndicate
Outdoor Entertainment   [READ MORE]
IMAX Entertainment Complex - 6/14/17   [READ MORE]
Weather Tour - Imax Entertainment Complex - 6/7/17   [READ MORE]
Jim Carrey is likely to face trial in the death of his ex-girlfriend after her mother and ex-husband sued the star, accusing him of supplying the drugs that killed her.   [READ MORE]
Kathy Griffin found herself in hot water for holding a bloodied, decapitated head of Donald Trump during a photo shoot. But she wants to hold a news conference and talk about how the Trump family has bullied her.   [READ MORE]
In this segment of The Weekly Reel we cover the upcoming blockbuster, Wonder Woman, we take a look at Steven Soderbergh's return to directing with Logan Lucky, plus, we review Baywatch's release and news from the Cannes Film Festival.   [READ MORE]
Jennifer Garner has spoken out against People Magazine. In their newest issue, with her on the cover, the headline is Life After Heartbreak, so Garner came out and revealed that she didn't pose for the cover or participate in or authorize the piece.   [READ MORE]

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