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January 31, 2017 6pm

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January 31, 2017 6pm Video: January 31, 2017 6pm
January 31, 2017 6pm Tue, 31 Jan 2017 23:58:51 +0000 January 31, 2017 6pm January 31, 2017 6pm WMBD <<("you're watching wmbd news at six - and we start with your forecast first")>> <<chris yates>><<(hi everybody, i'm your local weather authority meteorologist here's a look at current 3 conditions. and your planner for tonight. i'll have more in your full forecast. but first, wmbd news 6 starts -- right now.)>> <<(doug oberhelman "caterpillar will stay in peoria. i repeat we will stay in peoria.")>><<paul cicchini>> tonight... caterpillar reverses course ... announcing plans to moves it global headquarters to the chicago area. <<(mayor jim ardis/peoria "this is not the beginning of the end for peoria."dave koehler/state senate "it's something that everyone feared but would hope that would never happen.")>><<lauren langer>>reaction from local and state lawmakers on the move... and the economic impact it could have on the community. <<lauren langer>>the company has a 90-year history in the community. <<paul cicchini>>a spokesperson tells w-m-b-d ... the toughest stretch for the company in that decades-long history led to the decision. this year ... about 100 employees will move to the chicago area to prioritize resources and get the company growing again.the company says ... the move gets cat closer to a global transportation hub ... and ultimately to its for the 12- thousand employees in this area ... cat says peoria will still be home. <<( rachel potts "i understand that it's disappoining it's probably tough but at the same time i also think that people want to hear that caterpillar is on the path to growth again." we don't want job reductions anymore we want to grow everywhere including in the peoria area.")>><<paul cicchini>>the company says ... this is a decision it's considered for a while ... but was only recently approved. <<paul cicchini>>this announcement scraps a billion-dollar plan to construct a 6-block ... 31- acre ... caterpillar campus in downtown peoria.<<lauren langer>>it's news that's not sitting well with local leaders.wmbd's hannah hilyard is live outside the current headquarters... with more. hannah?<<hannah hilyard>>city officials say they heard the announcements just a little bit before it was made public. and they wasted no time -- getting together to show a united front... reassuring the community peoria will rebound. <<(denise moore/peoria city councilwoman "i lost my breath. i thought, i'm not hearing what i'm hearing."city leaders made it clear... it was a tough morning for the river city... mayor jim ardis/peoria "this is definitely a shot in the gut. it's something that none of us expected."caterpillar officials gathered community leaders together early tuesday morning... to break the news. almost all of them -- saying this was the first they'd heard about the move. denise moore/peoria city councilwoman "it's one thing to say you're not going to build the infrastruture that you talked about, but it's something totally different to say, 'oh and by the way, that status of being the world headquarters is leaving, and we're taking some people with us."and because of that... councilwoman denise moore... mayor jim ardis... and everyone else in attendance tuesday... now say the city has less confidence in the company. mayor jim ardis/peoria "i specifically spoke to mr. umpleby about that this morning. we need to rebuild that trust."denise moore/peoria city councilwoman "people are questioning whether they can believe anything now that comes out about their willingness to stay."but city leaders say they will work hard to keep the remaining caterpillar jobs in central illinois... and work hard to keep peoria thriving. mayor jim ardis/peoria "it should send a strong message to the community that we're not discounting this at all, but at the same time, we're not throwing in the towel.")>> <<hannah hilyard>>many officials cited -- a strong health care community... as how the city plans to rebound. the peoria area chamber of commerce says the city refuses to be victims in this... and will continue to diversify the work force in central illinois. reporting live in peoria -- i'm hannah hilyard. back to you guys in the studio. <<lauren langer>>city officials aren't the only one's weighing in on the news. state lawmakers are also expressing their disappontment. .. saying the annoucment came as a surprise. but many also say they're confident in peoria's ability to rebound. wmbd's lindsey harrison is in the newsroom with more.lindsey? <<lindsey harrison>>lauren... while state lawmakers say ... they are relived to hear that caterpilliar is staying in the state... they're disappointed to see the headquarters leaving peoria. representative jehan gordon-booth says... she felt that she had built a good relationship with the company... and the annoucement felt -- like getting the rug pulled out from under her. other lawmakers said they also feel blindsided by the news. <<( rep. jehan gordon-booth, (d) il 92nd district: "we've worked to be a good partner and we've worked to be a loyal partner to caterpillar because of the significant footprint that they had with this community. but that was not recipricated."rep. ryan spain, (r) il 73rd district: "we're in a better position to absorb something like this. but that doesn't change the fact that this hurts our community a great deal. and i think peoria has been very good to caterpillar. so obviously, we're all very disappointed today")>><<lindsey harrison>> representative spain says ... he hopes the board will re- examine their decision to move the the mean time... representative gordon-booth says ... she wants to work to show the people of peoria -- that they don't need to panic.i'll have more reaction from lawmakers .. about the caterpillar move tonight at 10.lauren? <<lauren langer>>cat's stocks have dropped 2 percent since the announcement -- something the company hopes to change once it moves to its new location.w-m-b-d spoke to financial expert scott mabee... who compared this year's numbers to previous. <<("overall with cat from this announcement, it's going to restructure i think in the end it will be good for them for cost cutting. not central illinois, but i think that as the stock it will go up here at some point in the future. right now it is pretty highly valued....)>> <<paul cicchini>>at least one person is celebrating cat's departure from peoria -- chicago mayor rahm emanuel. <<("they see what gogo saw. they see what all these other companies that chicago has a tremendous set of offerings when it comes to talent and transportation.")>> <<paul cicchini>>we reached out to another large employer in central illinois who has promised in the past to remain commited to the twin cities. state farm told w-m-b-d ... in part -- quote -- "bloomington has been the corporate headquarters for state farm since its start in 1922 and we remain committed to this community."for more coverage on caterpillar moving its head-quarters to the chicago area ... head to c-i proud dot com. <<paul cicchini>>we asked you on facebook ... how do you think the move will affect the city?rodney says ... "we have been through adversity like this many times ... and will remain resilient."join in the conversation on our .... facebook dot com slash w-m-b-d news. <<lauren langer>>new at six... support continues to come in for a local navy seal who died in action.w-m-b-d's cody schiever has more on the overwhelming support ...not only seen locally...but from all across the country. cody? <<cody schiever>>william "ryan" owens was killed in a raid in yemen over the weekend according to pentagon officials.he was a member of seal team 6 and a big fan of the san francisco giants.he often spoke to the team during spring training, and even built a friendship with giants catcher buster posey. posey shared his thoughts on instagram... saying in part -- quote-- "words don't do justice for the gratitude that i have for people like ryan that sacrifice, their lives fighting against evil, so that we may live in freedom. ryan owens was a hero, that is gone too soon."we also reached out to i-v-c high school in chillicothe, where owens went to school.the principal of the school told w-m-b-d that they held a moment of silence for the fallen navy seal. <<paul cicchini>>a community comes together to help the family of a woman who died in a fire monday.wyoming volunteer firefighters are asking for donations for the family of 21-year-old shelby carter.her belongings ... and those of her 11-day-old child ... were ruined by the fire and smoke.shelby died in the fire... but not before saving her child by strapping it into a car seat and throwing it from a 2nd story window. clothes ... blankets and supplies for the family are all items that are being requested. drop- offs can be made at the firehouse from 6 p-m to 9 p-m tonight and tomorrow ... and at the stark county ambulance station from 8 a-m to 8 p-m all week. <<( ed foglesonger: well it's heartbreaking to have that happen, the community really pulls together and tries to get everybody through this, its a struggle, they are a good community)>><<paul cicchini>>the baby was transferred to o-s-f st. francis medical center in peoria and is in good condition. <<paul cicchini>>a non-profit in the twin cities is hoping to get more voters to the polls before the election next month.the y-w-c-a of bloomington is teaming up with the n-double-a-c-p... not in our town... and league of womens voters.they hope to increase voter turnout in non- presidential election years. the y-w-c-a registered over 300 voters with one voter drive last year.they plan on pooling community resources and utilizing online voter drives.a local primary will be held on february 28th. <<lauren langer>>coming up... families will now be able to recover their loved ones' life insurance policy easier. <<chris yates>><<( forecast is next )>> 3 <<(now your local weather authority forecast from chief meteorologist chris yates)>> <<chris yates>><<(it has been another cloudy day. here are our current conditions. january 2017 is going to be the 8th least snowy january on record as the peoria area has only received a half inch of snow. skies will remain cloudy overnight and parts of central illinois could see a few stray flurries. tonight - temperatures in the lower 30s and upper 20s. cloudy skies, isolated flurries.tomorrow - mostly cloudy skies, temperatures in the upper 30s.temperatures will become much cooler towards the end of the week with highs dropping near to below average. another storm could bring a period of light snow to central illinois late saturday and saturday night.a stronger storm will move in early next week bringing showers and thunderstorms along with much warmer weather. here is your 8-day outlook.) 3 <<lauren langer>>today is the last day to sign up for you can get covered before you run out of time. 3 <<(you're watching wmbd news at six.)>> <<lauren langer>>today is the last day to sign up for obama-care.the obama administration projected 13- point-8 million people would sign up for coverage in 20-17. 11-point-5 million had enrolled as of last month. that's almost 3-hundred thousand more than the previous year.the number of participants in the program is seen as a barometer of its value to americans. <<lauren langer>>a free service will help familes find their loved ones' missing life insurance's a story from our capitol newsroom.the life insurance locator allows beneficiaries to submit a copy of the death certificate.the department of insurance will contact nearly 500 companies to search for records of their policy... and beneficiaries will receive the information within 30 days. <<(jennifer hammer, acting director of the department of insurance"we do feel like on the end, they can contact us. we're here to help the consumers and they can find their policy very quickly as soon as their loved on passes away.)>><<lauren langer>>she says families have claimed nearly $2 million with the help of the locator since july 1st of last year. <<paul cicchini>>the heart of illinois united way is celebrating its community campaign from 20-16.the group raised more than $11 million dollars last year.more than 300 companies took part in the annual fundraiser.the president of organization credits expanding the base of support with local companies and donors for the results. <<paul cicchini>> i-s-u could be playing key games this week without one of its top players.kurt has the story ahead in sports. 3 (now wmbd sports, with kurt pegler!) <<kurt pegler>> the i-s-u redbirds have won 11 in a row by taking it one game at a time... but even they know this is a huge week because of its two games... tomorrow's against northern iowa and saturday's at wichita state. the redbirds could be shorthanded for the games, however... preseason all conference pick mikyle mcintosh didn't play sunday because of a knee injury... he didn't practice monday and may not be ready to play tomorrow. <<dan muller/isu head coach: "i think it gave our team a little bit of confidence sunday to go out there and have success without him, if he's not able to continue with us tomorrow night. but we'll have to make some adjustments.">><<kurt pegler>> the redbirds host northern iowa at 8 p-m tomorrow. bradley is hitting the road to play at southern illinois tomorrow... braves would sweep the season series with a win over the salukis. dwayne loutier-ogunleye didn't play sunday... he says his role on the team has gone from being a scorer last year... to a different kind of leader this season. <<dwyane loutier-ogunleye/bu sophomore: "my game is definitely different. i have a lot more tasks to do, i'm taking on a leadership role. i'm just helping the guys in different ways. i am just taking what i can take and making plays when i can.">> <<kurt pegler>> bradley plays at southern illinois tomorrow night. <<kurt pegler>> he's recovered from a knee injury that slowed him down last year... but morton's ryan altenberger says breaking out of his shell as a quiet, unassuming player... that takes a little more work. <<kurt pegler/wmbd sports: morton senior ryan altenberger is not a flashy player. he says nothing about him is fancy, not the way he plays, not the way he looks, not the knee brace he wears.ryan altenberger/morton senior: "t's a little heavy, it's not a light knee pad like you see those fancier ones that look like a leg sleeve with padding. mine is just a knee pad."kurt pegler/wmbd sports: ryan saves his flash for the scorebook., consistently knocking down shots for the potters.kurt pegler/wmbd sports: ryan is certainly one of the toughest guys in the mid-illini, that's a good thing. but he's also one of the quietest guys in the league and that's not so good. his team, his coaches, even his mom is trying to make him a more vocal leader.ryan altenberger/morton senior: "i'm not the most social guy, i guess. my mom always gets on my because i don't talk enough. i had to work on it." jarrett brown/morton head coach: "our first few years to gether. i could count on my hands how many timeswe had a conversation. now he embraces it."kurt pegler/wmbd sports: ryan is embracing his role in his final year of high school basketball. he's a college-bound baseball player who this june will play in a prestigious summer league, away from home, where the unflashy playermay have to speak to strangers.ryan altenberger/morton senior: "i can't say that i'm not nervous because i am going off to wisconsin to live by myself. i'm only 18. it's going to be weird but it'll be fun.">> <<kurt pegler>> briefly... the fighting illini play wisconsin tonight at 8:00.. we'll have highlights and some high school hoops tonight at 10:00. and finally... this is an event we can't pull off here in central illinois right now. but in minnesota, they have the beargrease sled dog marathon... 40 muchers with their dog teams will tavels some 400 miles in the race... which will end tomorrow in duluth, minnesota. <<paul cicchini>>don't go away ... chris has a last look at your forecast right after this. 3 <<(you're watching wmbd news at six.)>> <<(here is your 8-day outlook)>> 3 michael phelps, never heard of him. >> oh, michael, what does he have, 12 or something? 23 times nine. >> reporter: she's also active outside of the pool. twice a week she tutors kids at a local church, and three days a week she teaches english and history to her grandchildren vi skype. sauer's personal trainer julier green is amazed at how sauer has defined living stronger. >> i am so in awe of that motivation that came from within her. >> reporter: sauer is now training for the national senior

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