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Greg Ostertag joins Real Sports Live

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Greg Ostertag joins Real Sports Live Video: Greg Ostertag joins Real Sports Live
Greg Ostertag joins Real Sports Live Mon, 20 Mar 2017 05:00:18 +0000 Greg Ostertag joins Real Sports Live Greg Ostertag joins Real Sports Live KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City >>> you're watching abc4 utah. real sports live. >> welcome back to the show, everyone. on wednesday night the utah jazz are hosting a 20-year reunion of the western conference championship team. >> and we are thrilled to have by far the most charizmatic member of the team i think we can safely say. in studio, charizmatic. >> troublemaker jievment can you believe it has been 20 years since the western conference title? >> i really can't. time flies, man. i was telling the guy on 700 i can't believe it has been 11 years since i retired. it's gonna be fun to come back. >> what do you remember about that team and about that season? >> you know, it was -- it started off with i got lucky. i was bad enough to get drafted late and get put with the guys like carl and john and jeff and to be put on a team like this with a coach like jerry who was a great coach and those two guys, those three guys to lead and be put in that situation, we were a good team and played hard. they played the kind of basketball i played, setting screens. that flying up and down stuff is not for me. >> probably the best moment in jazz history happened when john hit that shot in houston. where were you? you were on the floor at the time? were you on the bench? >> i used up my foul language. >> it is funny because i was watching that game the other day . charles was in there and just pounding everybody. he pump faked me. john reached in too and i said put it on him. >> he had plenty to go. >> i was down there on the bench and honestly i didn't see the shot go in. i woos disappointed i wasn't in the game. thought that i wouldn't be in there anyway because i was in that situation, but what i remember most is if you pan in they run out and greg punches him inadvertently and they didn't miss a beat. >> i was in houston covering that game. we went down and i watched that shot on alt tiny tv outside your locker room between the guy's legs. i saw the shot and there is nothing as loud. >> you're right. it went deathly silent. >> this isn't supposed to happen. >> having 15 guys yelling on the court and looking back and watching the game it is fun to see those three guys jumping around. >> it was just cool. >> then you get to the finals and meet up with jordan. you were 2-2. what happened in those last two games. funny 20 years later and that's still the game. >> it was 2-2 and we went back. >> you had an interesting relationship with malone and jerry. looking back in retrospect talk about -- first let's talk about carl. >> i don't know. carl and i, we -- i was always somebody -- if you need somebody to yell at it was greg. carl and i are the same kind of guy. we like the outdoors and we like to hunt and fish. we did those things together sometimes. that was our relationship. he demanded -- they demanded. like i told those other guys, i didn't really understand it. i'm older and wiser, if you will. like i told those guys, i blew an opportunity. we had great times and good times, but not being the player i could have been or should have been. that relationship with jerry -- you caught me on this one. it was up and down and up and down and up and down. >> i told those guys. i said they are resigning jerry and i'm like, why? they would tell me if we didn't care about you we wouldn't yell at you. i said you care about me a little too much. >> you must have been his favorite player. >> i know i was. >> did you talk to jerry? >> it's hard to talk to him. i get too emotional. i do this every time i talk about him. >> to see what is going on breaks my heart. i tell everybody i love him to death. i love him. i cherish the years i had to play under him even if it was back and forth and back and forth. >> this is interesting. when you were traded back to the jazz we got a call and he said can you send us video? they are not waiting for ostertag. that speaks to the fact that no matter what his relationship with you he thought you can help him win and he had no problem. >> and we did. the year after john and carl left, if you look at it on paper we weren't as good as half the league. you knew when we played the utah jazz you would get screened and boxed out and we would execute you to death. we weren't going to out run you. we were going to do the things -- most nights we would put ourselves in positions to win games. >> everybody knew the plays you would run. >> how many times in john's career did we want to -- if we ran it a thousand times -- it was the first play of the game. it is funny because you always always -- jerry would be over there calling plays and the coach on the other bench would stand up. here it comes, here it comes. we would run the play. >> you said you don't think you ever reached your full potential as a basketball player. why do you think that was the case? >> when you are 7-foot 2 in high school your biggest opponent on average is 6-foot 5. you kill everybody. my senior year in high school we won the state title. i out scored the other team. >> it was too easy. >> it was easy. then i went off to college and played at a prestigious school, one of the best there is. and still i was able to be successful. that's where it started. you know, i look back on that and came here and they are big, fast and strong. i tried to ride it and never really put the time and effort into it. my wife and i were talking and she believes in the 10,000-hour rule. guys who put in 10,000 hours of work whether it is sports or painting whatever it is, are really, really good. i may have put in 1600. i never put in the work. >> what are you putting in your 10,000 hours into? >> i live on a small farm outside of dallas and i have cows and my tractors and my chickens and donkies. >> you really have a bonn key named gordon bronson? >> i do. i play hockey at least once a week for sure. once a week. when i live in phoenix i played twice a week. it is so much fun. >> let me ask you, who are you looking forward most to seeing? >> the last time i saw them all was larry's funeral. i missed out on jerry's thing. that was bad. i wish i was there for that. but probably jerry the most. he called me all the time. hadn't talked to adam keith. >> i just talked to adam. >> he was out of the league for a few years. >> it would be fun to see. >> tickets for wednesday's anniversary special are available at utah get this, the jazz are offering a special package where fans can get tickets for dings -- for just $18. and it includes a papa john's pizza for tickets for wednesday night. what are we doing here? >> we are giving you a kids stick. >> anybody is a kid stick for you. >> you couldn't give that to an nhl guy. >> we have a couple ping-pong balls you can fire up the camera . >> are you ready? >> damage to the camera. >> time for another quick break, but coming up, it is the best plays and the worst plays.

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