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JOINING ME NOW IS JONATHAN RICHMOND...MEMPHIS MUSIC PRODUCER, SONGWRITER AND 2017 GRAMMY WINNER! Mon, 17 Apr 2017 14:00:00 +0000 LML: OPENING SEGMENT JOINING ME NOW IS JONATHAN RICHMOND...MEMPHIS MUSIC PRODUCER, SONGWRITER AND 2017 GRAMMY WINNER! WATN real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company >> live from watn local 24 in high definition, this is local memphis live. here is your host, amy speropoulos. >>amy: thank you for joining us for local memphis live today. with me this morning is the incredible music producer, fraser high school grad, jonathan richman, the winner. >> yes. >>amy: congratulations. >> ask for having me. >>amy: thank you for joining us today. i was her easter? >> it was fun. >>amy: i ate way too much chocolate. >> i didn't eat too much chocolate, but i ate too much. >>amy: did you even get a chance to breathe because you are fresh off to work? if you do not know jonathan richmond, i respectfully say you might have been living under a rock for a minute or two because he travels and was at the can center for the md tour in e tour. >>amy: i was hoping to get a glance of him because he is so handsome. he is as nice as is incredibly talented. >> absolutely. still got it. >>amy: you have been with eric for how many years? >> i got with him 2010. >>amy: wow! tell us how that started. >> we have mutual friends. one of his producers is a good friend of mine. we used to play with andy stone together. we ran into eric and jakarta, indonesia.>>amy: indonesia? >> that was one of my introductory travels. >> he asked me to join the team and i said, of course. >>amy: the rest is history. >> you just won your first grammy. >>amy: jonathan richman. we were so excited and we talked to you live before you learned, right? >> it was the moment of. >>amy: it was a moment of. how was that? >> it was surreal. i was in my studio room at the house and my wife was watching it on the large screen. this is before it came out on television and i heard her screaming. >>amy: oh, my gosh. >> i was asking her what is all that noise. >>amy: and he wrote the song by the way. that was the song, jonathan, you were telling me you wrote that song several years ago. >> the second mesh the record that we are talking about is "this is your life ." we wrote that a few years ago. it was written years ago. layla happened to be in town and came over. she said, i want that one. >>amy: you are kidding me. >> was it 2011? i think it was 2012 where it all began and the record came out. >>amy: right.>> i did two more songs on that record trying to get "this is your life " on that record but it didn't make it. they came out on this record and i am not a set. >>amy: has it sank and that you won a grammy for that? >> it has sunk in. >>amy: but it changed nothing. you are very humble, i will say that. >> i love making music and getting recognized for songwriting, that is always a pleasure. >>amy: we are thrilled you represent memphis and that your care with us today. have a great show, after date. it is so exciting because this is a huge effect. in fact some 4 to 5000 people gather for this incredible event. it's all about fresh food, a son power food and fun festival, the memphis veggie best. they are here to talk about it. >> we take your life to a new thing that has been working on many, many lives, to heal people that have gone through difficult things in their lives. it is called the phone of a spirit, a phone booth for those grieving about the lost of loved ones the loss of loved ones. >> you can also help out by having breakfast for dinner. those are the stories we are working on. you are probably touring when the entire world was watching april the giraffe. do you remember? >> i heard about it. >>amy: you were doing big things. exactly. >> we were out on the road. >>amy: while you were out on the road, i think 1.2 million were tuned in to this live giraffe and everyone was watching after several months she had her baby boy on sunday at the zoo in new york. they were all being in on what an incredible story this is. we are all fascinated. april was doing that and the memphis zoo here, we had a baby hippo that was born. there are many other animals. kurt clayton was with us last week and we said we're not drinking the water at the zoo. >> a lot of business and a lot of babies. >>amy: this is a great story. tennessee lawmakers have now passed a law that they are going to be able to send folks to community colleges for free. >> oh, wow! that is incredibly awesome. >>amy: the tennessee reconnect act made it possible and it can be used by anyone who has been a tennessee resident or anyone there that resident for over a year. the governor was working toward getting 55 percent of the state's population college-educated by 2022. i can't believe you're talking about a graduating class of 2000 2022 you graduated from fraser high school, right end. >> yes. >>amy: you go back and talk with the kids? >> i haven't been back yet. i'm across the globe for most of the time. we were just in tokyo. we did tokyo and osaka. >>amy: that is really cool. >> it was amazing. >>amy: how are the fans there? >> they love me. b3 they do, especially any type and you do neo-soul, is that right? he does everything, r and b, soul, and he is a unique vocalist because he has the versatility to do pop, jazz, and he has done it all. >>amy: he has stood the test of time because he has been out there. >> absolutely, for 20 years. >>amy: he started when he was two. i love it. tell folks how they can get in touch with you to follow you keep up with you. >> i am on facebook and social media, instagram. i'm on facebook. >>amy: and you have great things. you are part of a council that i want to pick your brain about tomorrow because you will have discovered some incredible things. >> stay tuned. >>amy: we want to give a special shout out to the folks who came in for eric benes's camp. jonathan and his wife came in with all the crew. maybe alicia, we can show some of the folks that came in there with him. they are like, what. we will just say we love you. talk about getting people to run. tell them we are going to show them on live tv. just kidding. i am just kidding about that. >> somebody got up and decided to walk out. >>amy: i forgot we had that power. we love you all anyway. >> i do want to give a shout out to our wonderful background vocalist jessica. >>amy: okay. >> she has a wonderful project she is working on, and it is awesome. >>amy: you can tell us more about her later. maybe tomorrow. we will talk about it. thank you so much. i forgot the camera. live db has the power, doesn't it make you all are on tv all the time. it has been awesome. >> thank you. >>amy: absolutely. >> to go away because we are talking to the team from memphis veg test. people get involved with this festival

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