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WEVV 44 News at Ten

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WEVV 44 News at Ten Video: WEVV 44 News at Ten
WEVV 44 News at Ten Fri, 21 Apr 2017 03:00:01 +0000 WEVV 44 News at Ten WEVV 44 News at Ten WEVV more than 150 golfers have descended upon victoria national for the united leasing and finance championship. good evening, you're watching 44-news. i'm amanda decker. and i'm eli roberts. many of the golfers competing in the tournament are from out of town, and their living situations can be a little off while on the road. 44news reporter chelsea koerbler joins us now details on where the golfers are staying. chelsea? for many of these golfers they're constantly traveling -- and most times are stuck staying in a hotel. while at victoria national -- they're not in a hotel and they're made to feel like they're at home. "there's a few tournaments a year where i have families i've stayed with for quite a while now and you know i lok forward t going back to them." for the last four years - web-dot-com tour pro scott harrington has stayed with the same family when he's played at victoria national's united leasing and finance championship. staying with a family means a pro golfer gets a warmer welcome home - and even a little positive energy - than they would if they just stayed at a hotel. "every night when you don't play very well you know hopefully the people you're staying with can maybe take your mind of golf a little bit." this year upwards of 60 families have taken in at least one player -- but that number could be higher because they don't always go through the p-g-a website for housing. "there have been people that have developed relationships over the six years that don't go through the pga prcess . they call back to that homeowner." john schutz has hosted harrington for the last four years. he says not only for him -- but for many of the host families -- these players become like extended members of the family. "we look forward to the opportunity when they come back to town and when we see them doing good somewhere else we'll send them an email or a text and say great job and give them a little cheer leading along the way." the united leasing and finance championship runs through sunday. chelsea koerbler, 44news. and it was really quite a beautiful day out at the course today, but that's all going to change soon. let's get you over to chief meteorologist chad evans for a first check of tonight's forecast. an evansville woman who was found dead in tennessee has authorities scrambling for answers. and right now, there are more questions than answers. 20-year-old allison tenbarge is the daughter of vanderburgh county sheriff lieutenant kenneth tenbarge. police found her body yesterday (wed) morning after being called out to check on an apartment near clarksville, tennessee. her alleged killer -- 21-year-old quentin bird -- was arrested and faces murder charges. while the vanderburgh county sheriff's office is not involved in the investigation, deputies are looking out for lieutenant kenneth tenbarge as he and his family grieve. dave: we have a peer support group that he can reach out to we're always there right now we're just letting him grief and kind of give him some space we've reached out to him when he's ready for us to jump in there and help him we'll be there for him." investigators say the murder is believed to be the result of a domestic situation. they also say allison was pregnant - and that they're still working on a motive. an 18 year old is in critical condition - after an overnight shooting in henderson. police say - someone shot rashaud harvey in the chest at around 9:30 last night. it happened just north of south adams and vine in henderson. medics took harvey to methodist hospital for treatment - and police are still searching for a suspect. det. troutman says: "everything i'm told about this boy that was shot is that he was an extremely good boy that cares about his community. he walks around he offers to mow several yard and i've already spoke to at least four people in the area that he mows their yard for them." police think someone knows what happened last night. and they're asking anyone with information to come forward now. if you have a tip, contact the henderson police immediately. an evansville man will likely spend the rest of his life in prison on child molesting and weapons charges. a vanderburgh circuit court judge handed down the sentence to 25 year old ryan remling today (thu). remling faces up to 79 years in prison after a jury convicted him in march on four counts of child molesting. he also was charged with possession of a deadly weapon while he was being held at the vanderburgh county jail last december. remling pleaded guilty to that charge. police arrested him after detectives got word of videos of him engaged in sexual activity with a victim under the age of 14. indiana university is taking a stance on sexual and domestic violence. it will ban any athlete with a criminal history from participating in athletic programs. 44 news anchor chris cerenelli joins us now with a closer look at the new policy - chris? the policy is sparking a lot of conversation on the bloomington campus. it extends to any prospective student athletes, transfers and current players moving forward - male or female. in its own study - i-u reported that 17 percent of undergraduate women and two percent of undergraduate men reported experiencing sexual assault. this policy covers athletes who have either been registered in some sort of legal capacity - or even been sanctioned by their sports organization or their school senior associate athletic director jeremy gray says it?s about drawing a line in the sand - declaring what an athletic program should stand for. 'it sends a message to the athletes but also to the students that its gotta start somehwere so whynot with our great athletic programs' 'indiana has a proud history in athletics but we represent more than just ourselves' gray says i-u hopes the policy sets an example not only for this school - but all schools. the big 10 doesn't have a specific policy and is instead letting member institutions determine their own guidelines. cc 44 news. a webster county school bus was hit head on - as kids were being taken home from school this afternoon. there were 10 middle school students and 7 high schoolers on the bus at the time. it happened along state road 132 west in a curve. authorities say all of the students, the driver and the bus monitor were all ok. the driver of the car involved was taken to the hospital - but no word on their condition. stay with us for updates. if you've stayed at a holiday inn, or any hotel in the inter continental group recently, check your credit card statements. the company says it found malware in its system designed to steal credit card information. the breach affects all hotels in the intercontinental group, including the holiday inns in evansville. intercontinental has hired a cyber security team. they say they've corrected the problem as of now, but that past guests should keep an eye out for any suspicious charges that turn up in the future. coming up, the search is over for a tennessee girl who had been missing for more than a month. where she and her teacher were found, still ahead. plus, biking to work may add years to your life. we'll tell what researchers found in a study that lasted five years. and... a popular manufacturer is accused of spying on its customers. we'll tell you what the lawsuit claims - coming up later on 44news at 10. it turns out biking to work every day might add years to your life. scottish researchers looked at the commuting habits of more than two-hundred and fifty-thousand people in the united kingdom ... tracking their health over five years. cycling to work was associated with a forty-six percent lower risk of heart disease over the study period... and a forty-five percent lower risk of cancer compared to sedentary commuters. walking to work was also beneficial... but not to the same degree. the study only associates biking with a longer life span -- it doesn't prove it's the only reason for living longer.. study authors say the findings suggest policymakers should consider designs to make it easier for people to commute by bike ... as a way to help public health improvement efforts. kids with stronger muscles appear to have a better memory. that finding comes after researchers studied nearly eighty kids between the ages of nine and eleven. the results reinforce earlier research that links aerobic fitness to better thinking skills and academic performance. study authors say their work is preliminary, and that long-term research is still going on to see if fitness affects academic performance. france's president says a shooting that targeted three police officers in central paris tonight was an act of terrorism. it happened late this evening french time - right in the heart of the city. meg oliver reports. a man with a cellphone captured this video of what appears to be police closing in on the man they say targeted three police officers near a paris subway station thursday night. french police say the gunman was armed with an assault weapon attacked the officers guarding the city's most famous boulevard. one officer died. a woman in the area was also hit. police shot and killed the attacker, and say he was known to authorities. a tourist witnessed the attack. the guy, he was shooting to police, he tried to shoot and then, um suddenly, five ten seconds or whatever, um, policements came and startedto shoot this guy and immediately he was down. officers escorted tourists and reporters, some with their hands up, out of the area as the forensic investigation got underway. nats...hollande... french president francois hollande confirmed the shooting was a terrorist attack during a nationally televised address. isis claimed responsibility- and identified the gunman, but french authorities have not confirmed that. nats...this is a terrible thing... president trump - meeting with italy's prime minister at the white house - condemned the assault and offered his condolences. french police began conducting raids following the attack. meg oliver, cbs news. a nationwide manhunt for 50-year old tad cummins has come to an end. authorities found him in the northern tip of california - in siskiyou (sisk-you) county. that's near the oregon border. cummins was arrested at a cabin in an extremely remote area in the mountains of cecilville (see-sul-vill) after his silver nissan rogue was spotted by a tipster. authorities say they found two guns in the cabin. but more importantly after cummins surrendered., they found 15-year-old elizabeth thomas - safe and sound. the pair disappeared from columbia, tennessee after cummins was suspended for allegedly having inappropriate contact with elizabeth - triggering a nationwide amber alert. "this family is in the debt of the media and is so thankful -beyond words- and now, their daughter their sister is on her way home." cummins is being held in northern california without bond. he's awaiting extradition to tennessee. and what a beautiful day out there today. warm and a bit of sun. but that's all about to change. chief meteorologist chad evans is here with a look at what's ahead in the full forecast. weather tease starbucks' unicorn frappuccino is finally here... and people are intrigued. the coffee chain officially launched the colorful drink today - and it already has people talking. it's sweet and sour with lots of pink and blue - and topped with what's being called "fairy powder." it does not have coffee. starbucks customers seem to be liking the new take on a drink. mos 1 says: "this is good actually....mmmm." mos 2 says: (you like it?) "yeah. it tastes like cream a bit." mos 3 says: (so are you going to go for other unicorn-labeled foods in the future?) "yeah, why not. you gotta try everything at least once in life." one person who definitely does ?not? like the unicorn frappuccino? this 19-year-old barista in colorado. he posted a video to twitter ranting about having to make the drink - it's complicated - and he begged customers not to order it. when you put on your headphones, you might feel like you're in your own private world. but a lawsuit against one of the most popular manufacturers claims just the opposite - that bose is spying. the lawsuit involves the company's wireless headphones that come with the bose connect app for personalizing settings. the suit claims the company uses that app to track what customers are listening to, and then sells that information to companies. bose has not responded to a request for comment, but the accusations are nothing new in the high tech era. many companies have found ways to spy on their customers' habits. round one is in the books at the united leasing and finance championship. nick ruffolo has all the highlights from a busy day out at victoria national. that's next in sports. round 1 of the united leasing championship is under wraps save a few golfers who couldn't finish before night fell. strong winds at victoria called for higher scores than previous years a few locals are playing close to home including vincennes native adam schenk who's coming off a tough year after narrowly missing the mark to play on the p-g-a ------------------------- here is he teeing off 18 which ends up in the middle of the fairway ------------------------- after hitting his 2nd shot 160 into the green... he hits this short putt in for par he finished 4-over on the day not his best...we'll hear from him in just a bit ------------------------ on hole 9 ancer (answer) is responding well and advancing up the leader board ------------------ hitting his 3rd shot on nine -sticks it within about 10 feet of the pin ---------------- and he'll have himself a day hitting this in for birdie he's at the top of the leader board at 4-under on the day ------------------ -another local standout of owensboro - matt atkins -he'll start the day off well on hole 10 shot number two here ... atkins gets it close ----------------- and the neon yellow ball finds it's home as happy gilmore would say he records a birdie on 10 and finishes five over. ------------------ now off to i-u grad chase wright who missed the cut last year here's his second shot on 18 from about 160 yards out and sticks it on the front ------------------------ wright would just miss this birdie putt so he finishes the day at 1-under ... and gets to reflect chase: last year i started off well too. i've had some really good rounds here, and some really bad ones like most people. i think i finished top 10 here in 2014. so, i have some good vibes here. it's a new year. new me. adam: i know what i didn't do well today, so i'll work on those things and still remember the things i did well. and try to do those things tomorrow, and put it all together and shoot a low round. played really good. i'm really happy with my performance. that was key to get momentum going and keep the round going. adam: i had plenty of confidence coming into the week. but, with this course if you're too confident and cocky it can humble you really quickly. so, i try not to be overly confident and just stick to the game plan we had. but unfortunately, it didn't work today. hopefully, it'll work a little bit better tomorrow. ancer: victoria is a treat. i love this golf course. it's tough, but i'm happy to be out here. i'm enjoying it. i like it. it's a tough test, but i like it. victoria national is known for its outstanding landscape so who's in charge of getting the course tournament ready? two of them run the course on four legs as the director of agronomy at victoria national nat (hey) kyle callahan is always on his two hands and feet. as for his co-workers victoria and torey, they're all on all fours nat kyle: when you're with them 12-plus hours a day and you go home and spend time with them, they're like your best friends. these life-long friendships come with long days kyle: probably around 4:30 in the morning and we get out of here at around 9 at night. tori, where's the geese? where's the geese? and these aren't ordinary course dogs. kyle: they have a thing called eying...she's fixated on that goose. they've been trained to respond to at least 15 commands kyle: we just taught her to not go in there so if i say away to me...come by. and most importantly, love. kyle: you'd have to do something major in order for them to be disappointed in you. and it's practically do or die time for the pacers ... down two to nothing in their series ... with the matchup back in indy ... they needed a win. how about this for a showing ... miles turner throwing it down with authority ... that put the pacers up 10. indiana actually put up 74 points at the half and led by 25. but the cavs come roaring back ... in the third ... lebron james with the three to cut it to single digits ... then lebron again ... it's a five point game. now in the fourth ... a tie game ... off the fast break it's james again with the slam ... cavs have the lead. then only up one ... the cavs are able to find sharp-shooter kyle korver who nails the three to put them up four. the cavs would come back from down 26 to win this one ...119 to 114 ... and take a commanding three-oh series lead on indiana. game four is sunday. it's one of the world's favorite treats, and a new museum is bringing everything you'd ever want to know about it to the forefront. we'll explain just ahead. but first.. here's what's coming up on the late show with stephen colbert. there's already one museum of ice cream, but a second one is opening its doors today in la's arts district. plans for the second museum come as the idea proved hugely popular in new york. the first museum opened last year in new york, and it sold out in just a few days with more than 200-thousand people left on the wait list. the l-a location is four times larger., so it should be able to handle a lot more people. it'll show case what's been on display in new york, plus ten completely different and re-imagined installations. final weather toss... that's our time for this ????day night...remember, 44 news is always on at, facebook and twitter for the latest overnight news join 44news this morning starting at five a.m. for the latest overnight news join 44news this morning starting at five a.m.

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