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Celebrate Women in Business!

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Celebrate Women in Business! Video: Celebrate Women in Business!
Celebrate Women in Business! Mon, 01 May 2017 21:00:00 +0000 Celebrate Women in Business! Celebrate Women in Business! KAMR cc test. >> from kamr look 84 news, with meaghan collier and andy justus, this is "studio 4. >> andy: oh, welcome to "studi 4", everyone it is monday. it is may 1st. >> meaghan: it's going to be may, a.j. >> andy: my favorite holiday. >> meaghan: today andy's attention span is limited. >> 15 seconds? >> meaghan: real quickly. >> andy: i was sick sunday morning. a tree fell on my house. my refrigerator broke, and then i broke a thing of pickles at my feet. you want more? i can keep going. >> meaghan: do you need a hug, a.j.? ism i need a lot more than that. >> meaghan: that's all i can offer you today. that's all i got. today is may 1st. ites r it's women-owned business day. we're going to kick off this very, very special show in a special way today. there are nearly ten million female business owners in our country. that's -- texas has the second highest number of business own centers the country. we caught up with one of those women to learn about her journey. >> i got started in 2003. i started out taking motocross pictures. that was my first love. in 2013 i got contacted by google to be the street view photographer for our area. i take my camera. i have a special setup with a tripod, a panoramic head, and then a fish eye lens. i take a shot at every 90 degrees, and i stitch those together and make a full 360-degree photograph. my lens sees 180-degree view. it goes from the floor to the ceiling. it's hard being a one-woman show. that's the biggest thing, doing everything by myself, my become keeping, scheduling, shooting, editing, it's a lot, yeah. i work. i did my last job when i was 36 weeks pregnant for amarillo town club. i was super sore. i was having contractions. being female, i notice a lot more things than maybe a man would. i pay attention to detail. i'm going to notice if those curtains are ruffled whereas a man may not. any woman out there can do anything she sets her mind to. >> meaghan: so we wanted to celebrate the greatness of the female entrepreneurs and business owners in our area with some of our favorite gals this afternoon, an expert panel, if you will, of ladies that are making that journey right here in the yellow city. first up, been and raised, the owner of panhandler's cafe, and she has made the most of her amazing experience and has really... she sees lots of folks in am. a we're so excited about that. next up is robyn bilson. she's the owner of semblance, a woman's clothing and jewelry and gift shop located in town square. she's going to turn five years old this october. she launched her new business, a graphic print and web design studio. next up, she was raised here, left for a minute and returned with her beautiful luxury leather goods. the designer and owner of instreet studio is here. she sells her retail goods worldwide and makes custom pieces for clients around the globe. and our wonderful friend amy beth morrison is owner of et cetera, the place to go for gifts of distinction, bib yeah gift, bridal accessories and more. thanks for coming, girls. this is so exciting. i think it's always great to get people together and hash out issues maybe we're all facing and maybe we can talk about it and experience things, but i want to know, first off, how did you get your start? i think you turned a bad thing into a great thing. >> i was working as a graphic designer in town, and they laid off the whole art department, and i not lie, i was freaking out. i thought i was going to be able to do that for a while at least, and i had been there for about four years. and to go from having a consistent job to nothing... >> meaghan: you decided one day you're going to do some catering, you and liz? >> we did a few parties for friends and family. people started asking us, we were doing that. and we had just done it for fun to help them out, and then lizzy decided to help me out and we went in together and decided to start the business. >> meaghan: it's pretty awesome. it's really cool. >> we started out catering. a year later we moved into amarillo national bank in 2011. >> meaghan: the rest is history. >> this week is our six-year anniversary. >> meaghan: amazing. happy anniversary. amy beth, a similar story? >> well, you know, i bought a business that already existed, so that was a challenge because i wanted to make it my own. so it was neat to get to make it my own. we're lucky to be in amarillo where we have these look owned banks that are willing the support women. they want us to do our best. and it's so nice to come enter a community that wants you to succeed. but it's really hard when you take a storm that's been there a long time, and you put your own mar on it, and it's been a fun journey. and so i just feel really lucky to live in amarillo where they do support women in business and they do support local business. >> meaghan: i love it. have you experienced different treatment because you're a woman? in your line of work, purses are women, but the materials you why for them and jewelry is probably different? >> absolutely. because i manufacture all of my own designs myself and a lot of that is metalwork and let err work, those industries are really male driven. and so when i go to the store and i'm looking for new equipment, i'm buying new tools, i have a lot of the men asking, whoa, what's a girl like you going to use that tool for? there's a lot of confusion. so i have to, you know, explain myself and explain what i do. i don't know if men would get questions like that when they're just trying to buy a hammer. >> meaghan: exactly. robin, have you experienced anything, any sort of setback? growing pains as a business owner? >> absolutely. starting small, i'm not from amarillo, so learning what amarillo is like, and then greg pains of being a brand-new business here. and i definitely think you do get treated a little differently being a woman. >> meaghan: yeah. we won't go into specifics. we'll leave that for happy hour afterward. but i guess i just also won't der do you think... i was interviewing joan lunden a while back, and my question to her is: do you think women can have it all? she said absolutely not. i think it's important to decide what all is. you can have that version? >> it's really interesting when you have family and children and putting that balance in, and the first thing that goes when you're chasing your kids running a business is yourself. so you don't get to make that trip at 6:00 a.m. you have to make a deposit spending all day volunteering at your kids' school. that balance is interesting. i think that we have to make a lot of choices on what is most important to our family and what's most important to our business. because you also have to look at our employees, and our employees are families, too. so we have to be successful in both aspects. >> meaghan: for sure. beck, yeah same thing? >> i think you have to be realistic about what "all really means to you. i mean, for me it's caring for my family and investing time in my business and building that business up, and to me all is doing all the things that it's not necessarily like being home and having dinner on the table at 6:00 every night for my family. that does not happen ever. >> meaghan: y'all are all laughing. that is not included in what having it all looks like for me, but i still fulfilled by my business and i feel full of all the love from my family. >> meaghan: i love that. >> i do think it takes a village. i think you have to lean on people and ask for help. >> that's why it is important to have a good team working for you. and they do become like family. >> meaghan: you've just had a new baby and he's joined your... that's been such a cool thing to see her kind of blossom at your shop, too. she's sort of like the mascot now, right? >> she is. she's taken over our store. and i am trying the adjust to, you know, getting used to working and having her and figuring out this new life and it totally changed everything. >> she's so cute by the way. any advice in we'll go down the line. any advice for female entrepreneurs out there? >> well, i think that you... i mean, it does take a lot of hard work, but it can be done as long as you have plan and know what you're getting into when you start. >> i don't recommend going in blindly. >> meaghan: what about you? >> mine are kind of like that. learn from somebody while you can before you get into your business. i think that's really important and that's something i didn't do enough of. that's my main advice. i think you have to get tough and build a thick skin and toughen up. >> meaghan: isn't that the truth for everything? okay. what about you, becca? >> i think right now it's really important also for women entrepreneurs and people that are starting businesses to connect with one another and build relationships with each other and build that sense of community because it can be really competive, it can be really cutthroat, and i think that as women in business, we need to build each other up instead of tear people down. >> meaghan: oh, my gosh, i love that. amy beth, round us out? >> i wanted to go with that thought. we work so hrd and we invest so much. when you see others start us out. i've had people that believed in me. and i think of established women in business. we have the believe in other women and lift them up and say, go for it, do it, and you have to decide and make the plunge, and then own it and do it and try your hardest and it's a lot of work, an you've got to be ready to work hard and love what you're doing. >> meaghan: good advice, girls. congratulations on your success. thank you all so much. we appreciate you coming by. stick around. we have lots more "studio 4" get to today. mother's day is just around the corner. we want to know you have great gift ideas. that's interesting that amarillo little theatre has "anythin goes" on deck but first, pharmacist doug is joing us after this. stick around.

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