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Digital Footprints

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Digital Footprints Video: Digital Footprints
Digital Footprints Tue, 16 May 2017 15:21:16 +0000 Digital Footprints Digital Footprints KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City >> all right you guys t is time for tech time tuesday, we have christopher here and we are talking about something called digital footprints. and we're going to talk about how to manage them, for someone like me, have i no idea what a digital footprint is. >> okay, so i will start by asking what is a footprint. >> well, it's like your unique print. >> think about the sand, when you walk along the beach and look behind you. >> cay. >> you leave those footprints. >> yeah. >> what causes those footprints. >> where you-- . >> it is anything you have done digitally that leaves a footprint or a mark. >> okay. >> the reason why i want to talk about this is because you got to be careful what you put online. because once it's online it's online am now there are services that are very expensive to tb in and delete your dej tal footprint. there's people that do that. >> oh really. >> but it's very expensive because it's time intensive and a lot of work. >> are you saying any time you go online you leave a footprint. >> any time you go on to the internet and do a search, you have now lift a footprint. have you ever had an ad show up on your facebook account when you were looking at something on amazon. >> yeah, and i ended up following for it and adding to cart. >> ta is part of your digital footprint, part of what you were searching for so now facebook or the marketers know that your footprint looks like this. so we're going to put stuff in front of you that looks like your footprint so you are more likely to buy it. >> is this something that you can block, can you blook the footprint? >> you can but it's kind of difficult to do it. because it makes the internet not usable. >> okay. >> cuz if you start blocking cookies and cache, it is kind of like location services on your phone. if you turn it completely off, you can't use gps. >> yeah. >> it's kind of like the same scenario. the other side of digital footprint you have to be careful of is social media. because when you go out there and rant about how angry and upset you are about something. >> right. >> it actually could affect future job opportunities. >> this is true. >> you hear a lot about this. >> it's actually true. people are now going to facebook to look up a person and see what their digital footprint is, because your digital footprint tells a person what you are like. >> okay, i have a question. >> yeah. >> could i find out what my friend's digital footprint is. >> great question, how do you think could you find out what your friend's dij tat footprint is. >> i don't know. >> you go search google in fact f you want to see what, or being or whatever internet browser, if you want to see what your digital 23509 print s michelle money, go online an search up michelle money and see what comes up it will be a very interesting thing. >> it will show every single thing that i have ever, like will it show that i went and shopped at like target. >> no, so that is where the difference is between personal digital footprint and social digital fat print. your social digital footprint is what people can see but, so when you search christopher krauss or tech life coach, i am the first five searches that come up and it's mostly gtu, like a couple other blowing posts and some social media stuff, so my facebook page, my instagram account, my twitter account so that is part of tech life coach's digital footprint. >> right. >> and that is really important. now i don't want to go on to tech life coach and start talking about something completely unrelated because that doesn't apply to the footprint. >> got it. >> but same thing with kids, you have to be careful with your kids and what they post because this that leaves a digital footprint about your child, where they r what they are doing, what they are interested in. >> essentially what you are saying is because a lot of times i have friends who are dating and now the first thing they do is they google them. >> they google the people. >> so when you are googling someone are you just looking up their digital, that saul it really is. >> when you are looking at search results you are looking at the digital footprint of that person. >> and that will, and a digital food print-- footprint is different than a social. >> no, but there is i a social digital foot frint and also a personal digital footprint. >> which if you are trying to get hired and you have a company remember back in 2012 when you said that, that is not going to work for us. >> yep. moral of the story is be aware. be careful of what you are posting on your social media accounts. >> even the comments, the comments and even the like, every like that you do, every post that you like, every picture you like that is part of that footprint. >> interesting, good to know, thank you. >> if you want more information on how you can have it, christopher come and help you with your technique needs there is all the information on your screen. tech life and make sure you follow him on all of his socials as well. you will

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