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Gout Awareness Day

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Dr. Christopher Parker, Chief of Rheumatology at Austin Diagnostic Clinic Video: Gout Awareness Day
Dr. Christopher Parker, Chief of Rheumatology at Austin Diagnostic Clinic Thu, 18 May 2017 14:39:47 +0000 Gout Awareness Day Dr. Christopher Parker, Chief of Rheumatology at Austin Diagnostic Clinic WATN >> local memphis live continues with your host, amy speropoulos. >>amy: national doubt awareness day is coming up on may 22. it is just around the corner and if you are like some people the word "doubt " conjures up images of medieval disease that target a certain group of people. misunderstandings like that cause embarrassment of folks with this painful form of inflammatory arthritis. when he asked this morning to two separate fact from ferric is doctor christopher parker and clinic out patient gary ho. good morning to you, gentlemen. >> good morning. >> good morning. >>amy: thank you so much for joining us. doctor parker, tell us first what gout is and what causes it. >> gout is a condition where a normal waste product in your body called uric acid gradually builds up and gets high and the uric acid deposits in joints causing a very painful type of arthritis. so intermittent flareups of kirk from this high as a level. >>amy: almost in some cases, it could be the rotating. gary, can you tell us a little bit about your experience. >> i have lived with gout since i was 24. i am 47 right now. for years i didn't take the disease seriously. i sought after home remedies instead of seeking after a specialist hoping that the pain would go away and the disease would just disappear. i was wrong. as the years went on, the gout flareups and attacks came those that suffer from gout, when an attack comes, if you like someone is in my body with a pitchfork and they are stabbing at the joint. the only thing you can do is pray for relief. you cry and there is nothing you can do a turning point was five years ago i decided to seek after a specialist. i found doctor parker, my rheumatologist. he and i sat down and came up with a game plan this is important you cannot fight gout on your own. you need a partner. that way, you guys can go ahead and come up with a game plan. gout will own you or get out there or you own gout. >>amy: how profound to leave that message with our viewers. i would say our desire and i assume what your desire is to create a community that we only talk about this. >> that's right. >>amy: about the misconceptions about gout. >> in that regard i really appreciate you giving us a chance to try to dispel some of the myths that are out there. one of the key messages that carry sharing is one of hope. another one is there is this belief we don't have the therapies we don't have many therapies. that is not true. we have many technologies now and knowledge to really get the vast majority of patients who have gout under control in cases like gary who had quite severe doubt, recalcitrant, pills were not working well read i had to give him an iv medication. he would have to come into my office every couple weeks for a number of months to really get that uric acid under control. i can put him back on his bills and he has been very successful imaging his gout with that maneuver. so an iv medicine, that might be associated with side effects. i said, yeah, you are right. you could have side effects. it is important to know if you're giving someone an iv medication like gary had could cause a severe bad reaction. if you want to find out more about the technology because you have severe gout can go to the manufacturer's website. gary and i have partnered with horizon pharmaceuticals that shares our commitment about raising awareness about gout and dispelling false information and getting the word out to your listeners we are doing today. >>amy: absolutely. and certainly, national doubt they national gout day and get everyone talking about it and get communication going. seek professional help if you need it. gary, it is such an honor to have you on the show. thank you for joining us. again, the doctor said or you can go, horizon for more

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