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BluCurrent Credit Union - 6/20/17

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BluCurrent Credit Union - 6/20/17 Video: BluCurrent Credit Union - 6/20/17
BluCurrent Credit Union - 6/20/17 Tue, 20 Jun 2017 20:30:08 +0000 BluCurrent Credit Union - 6/20/17 BluCurrent Credit Union - 6/20/17 KOLR >> kelly: welcome back. we're talking to kyle short and jacqueline post from blu current. welcome. >> guest: thank you very much. >> guest: hi! >> guest: appreciate it. >> kelly: let's start with blu current. tell us about it >> guest: well, actually blu current is a local credit union. and we actually just consider it another financial option. a lot ref people kind of -- when they think about opening an account, you think of a bank or credit union. and so a credit union is different in the fact that we're member-owned. and a lot of banks have customers. and when you open an account with blu current, you just offer your $5 into an account, and that makes you a member, which gives you ownership >> tom: you buy shares kind of. >>correct. >> kelly: okay. >> guest: it gives you a say in how things run as well. >> tom: i've got to put one question: what is blu current? >> guest: we get that one a lot. so we started -- we were founded by postal workers in 1929. when we started, you had to be a postal worker to be a member. and we changed. so we're community-based now. if you live or work in ten counties in southwest missouri, you're eligible to bank with us. when we did that change, we wanted to change the name that is reflective to our membership, so we went from postal federal community credit union to blu current, which is an homage to the postal worker uniform. and current, because we want to offer top technology and current services to our members. >> tom: nice! >> kelly: are you located all around southwest missouri? >> guest: we have two branchs in springfield, one in nixa. if you work in southwest missouri, you're eligible to be a member. now, people don't come to the branchs as much, so they do a lot of mobile banking through our app. the remote deposit is a big thing now. and of course, online banking >> guest: what makes us competitive, because as you know, banks have a branch on each corner, we're involved in shared branching, which allows you to bank at any credit union around the country. you can access your blu current account at credit unions throughout the country >> tom: that sets you apart. >> guest: it absolutely does. >> tom: what are other advantages to belonging to credit union versus a bank? >> guest: well, what is cool with being a member, is that actually all of our board of directors of members. so we're volunteers. whereas, banks have paid of board of directors. so we have a volunteer board of directors. what is cool about that, when we make profit and after reserves are set aside and bills are paid, we give back to membership, lower interest rates, fewer fees and better products. we have the members in mapped as we are doing our banking, so it's really cool >> kelly: what are some of your services? >> we like to say we offer everything that is bank does. so everything from home loans, home equity loans to free checking accounts that come along with benefits. kids' accounts, credit cards. cds even. we have a wide variety of products >> and business loans, which is a great addition to that as well >> tom: yeah. because you have people who are part of your current on a board, they understand i would imagine the needs of the community, the wants of the community, and maybe the difficulties as well >> uh-huh. that's a great point. for us, since we are local, when we design and develop products and services, they are with southwest missouri with our local community here in mind. so we like to think that we're able to better customize what we do to the needs of everybody in the ozarks here. >> kelly: we have taken out loans with credit companies. but i think people don't think of it as a place where they can bank, and they can do all those other things >> yeah. and well, what is interesting with that, as we said, there's an option. a lot of people don't know there's that other option there. and they may view it as oh, they are a side account. when really, we do just as much. and we're federally insured by the government >> tom: what kind of protections is there? >> guest: ncua, which is fdic. which insured you up to $250,000 per person. so it's the same. which is really, really cool. so again, so we are -- it still makes us competitive. and there's the other option in the area >> tom: how do people become information? >> guest: sure. you can gift us online at we have social media pages. so if you search blu current on twitter, instagram or of course facebook, we've got a lot of current information there. you can stop by one of our branchs. the two in springfield. our largest location in right there at sunset and kansas, so we'd be happy to help you that way >> tom: it's blu current. >> guest: no e. [laughter] >> kelly: thank you, guys so much. >> guest: thank you very much. >> guest: thanks for having us. >> guest: thanks for the opportunity. >> tom: up next, aging parents and

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