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1 Million Cups - Mowbotix - 6/27/17

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1 Million Cups - Mowbotix - 6/27/17 Video: 1 Million Cups - Mowbotix - 6/27/17
1 Million Cups - Mowbotix - 6/27/17 Tue, 27 Jun 2017 20:30:20 +0000 1 Million Cups - Mowbotix - 6/27/17 1 Million Cups - Mowbotix - 6/27/17 KOLR [?] >> tom: and welcome back. lee and meagan hicks of mowbotix. you guys were on "ozarks live!" just a short while ago. one of the coolest things. you actually brought one of your mowers out in the back, and showed us how you can be in a whole different area while your lawn mower just takes care of the lawn for you. very interesting. very interesting. what's the latest? i know you were saying there's more to come. there's more to come >> guest: oh, yeah, more has landed. >> jeremy: that's good. >> guest: we've taken what was a proof of concept and we've polished it up to a commercial product. we have safety stuff. one of the big things is since we use primarily gps, how do we do a lot of navigation where there is a bunch of trees like in large parks. we're close to replicating a human actually mowing >> jeremy: if somebody didn't catch you on the show, explain what mowbotix is and what this does. >> guest: our company is mainly a technology company. we make the technology that goes onto our mowers, gas mower, electric mower. our current one now is electric. we make it mow ourselves. >> jeremy: there's no controls? >> guest: no. the mower is doing the calculating itself. i'm -- at this particular property, i'm one person, and i'm flying the drone. the mower is driving itself. >> jeremy: wow! >> tom: you can see it making the turns. keeping a pattern going. how long does it take to -- i mean, i assume you have to drive it around one time to map things out? >> guest: one time to map. and you can mark objestaclobsta. we've started digesting aerial imagy. you make a quick pass with the drone and it will calculate it based on that >> jeremy: wow! >> tom: sweet! [laughter] >> jeremy: that is crazy technology! >> guest: we're excited about it. >> jeremy: how close is this to being commercial? >> guest: when we first talked, we thought it would be a couple months. we're hoping we'll get our first deployment here in a couple of weeks. we're also working with -- not springfield, but another city for doing a pilot program. it's deploying. our target this year is ten units. we'll get feedback, refine it, and we're shooting for general availability, 2018. >> tom: is this something that -- we'll say that i have 60 acres and i want, you know, one of our machines. is this something i get the machines and you retrofit? >> guest: yeah. so we work on a electric-to-platform. so our first one in a couple of weeks will be on a gas mower. let us know what type of mowers do you want us to build kits for. and that way you don't have to buy a special mower with a kichkit. you can work with what you have >> jeremy: is there one specific kit that will fit all the mowers? >> guest: we're going to support probably like the one or two top models of each brand. and then, we'll have a list that we can support. and then, if there's there's a need for another one, let us know and we'll fabricate the customizations for that >> tom: what would you say is the turn-around if someone says, yes, i want to do this. the here i have the mower i want you to do. what kind of turn-around time to fire up and go? >> we're shooting for a turn-around time, if we have to build it and fabricate stuff, probably a week. >> jeremy: that's not bad at all. >> tom: that's it? >> guest: yes. once we have the kit, the measurements, it's just a couple of hours for our guy to install it. i mean, that's part of the f fabricati fabrication. once we have it down, it's ready to go >> jeremy: when you came up with the idea, you presented it to 1 million cups i assume. how did that go? >> guest: we got a lot of good feedback. the biggest thing is that we talked to several people that were interested in how does it work? how does it work on a commercial scale. we got people wanted to know how did it work? that makes you think i may need to build something for that. no, i can't do that, but that's a problem we can solve with the data we have. >> tom: you don't want to go through fences or over the garden. >> guest: no, no, no. >> jeremy: i was asking this before the segment aired. i'm a person who likes to plant a lot of trees throughout the year. let's say you have it mapped out. how much time would it take to re-map it if a planted a tree in week and in six weeks another tree, is that something you can do? >> you just add to the job and it recalculates it. it will take you longer to drive to the obstacle. [laughter] >> tom: that's good. you want rapid turn around. people want more information about mowbotix? >> guest: on twitter at mowbotix, instagram. >> guest: we're on facebook. >> jeremy: you're everywhere. >> guest: we're everywhere. and the website and we have youtubes of it in production. it's not vapor weare. it's here >> tom: we've watched it. >> jeremy: thank you so much. i

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