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Wilgus IQ - 7/7/17

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Wilgus IQ - 7/7/17 Video: Wilgus IQ - 7/7/17
Wilgus IQ - 7/7/17 Fri, 07 Jul 2017 20:21:21 +0000 Wilgus IQ - 7/7/17 Wilgus IQ - 7/7/17 KOLR [?] >> tom: welcome back. looking to spruce up those counter tops or vanities, then you need to speak with this guy right here. shane wilgus, owner of wilgus iq. welcome, first of all. >> kelly: thanks for coming in. >> guest: thanks for having me. >> tom: what kind of goods and services does wilgus iq deal? >> guest: primarily, counter tops, sinks. all custom stuff. usually, we provide faucets for your kitchen and bathrooms. >> kelly: you've been doing this a long time. >> guest: about 22 years. >> tom: what kind of choices are out there for people? you see and hear all kinds of different things when it comes to counter tops. >> guest: yeah, there's literally hundreds and hundreds of colors available in both granite and quartz. there's a huge selection. so people usually don't find any kind of problem locating something they like. >> kelly: what's the difference in granite and quartz? >> guest: well, granite is a natural stone product. it comes right out of the ground. and quartz is a man-made product. it combines natural stone with resins >> kelly: do different people have different needs? do you go in and tell them what might be good for them? >> guest: no. no. typically, a lot of people that come to see us, already know what they want. >> kelly: they've researched it. >> guest: they've researched it. they've done their online work. they have it decided they want quartz or granite. >> tom: now, wilgus iq, i assume you work with this from start to finish, don't you? >> guest: yes, we do. a customer comes in, and we help them with all of their design work. we help them with their, you know, stone selection. we help guide them through the process. you know, we have some people that come in, and they start out wanting quartz. and decide that once they see the selection in granite, they switch. we try to help them all the way through. >> tom: for folks who say i'd like to do that. i don't know the difference, one man made, one natural. what about the care of these countertops, are there different things you go through? >> guest: there are. granite. -- there are a lot of misconceptions, but granite require -- we recommend that you seal these tops. but not near as often as people think. it's usually every one or two years. it's a very simple process. it's not expensive. quartz countertops, don't require you to seal them or any kind of maintenance in that regard. >> kelly: i have to ask you a question, because i thought you could cut on these countertops? is that not a good idea? >> guest: in the case of granite, yeah, you're pretty well safe to do that. quartz, we don't recommend it. >> kelly: right. so there's a lot to know about those. >> guest: absolutely. >> tom: of course, the first thing that people are going to say, well, how much is this going to set me back? what's the difference between working with quartz or granite? >> guest: it depends. it varies. you'd be surprised how affordable it's become. the cost of quartz has come way down. it's very competitive now with granite. it's a wide range. we usually just ask the customer to come in and bring us some sketches or some rough drawings of what their countertops look like. measure up. and we give quotes according to what they bring us. >> tom: so much has changed. through the years with what people do with their kitchens, it's not always that standard, well, there's one long and then the short one with the sink in it. a lot more you have to go through. >> guest: that's exactly right. we run into now where we'll have an island that's five-foot by ten foot long. and weighs 1,400 pounds. >> kelly: yeah, i know. >> guest: so a lot of challenges. >> kelly: you have specific pieces that people can come in and just check out. do you have deals on those? how does it work, cash-carry? >> guest: we have a lot of different variations in that. we have slabs on site that you can come in and view. that stock is always changing. we're always bringing in new stuff. and showing new colors and new trends. we have a lot of remnant material that we sell. we give a lot of good deals on that type of stuff. so there's a good sized selection. >> tom: do you have anything special going on this time of year at all? >> guest: this month our special is a kitchen sink. typically, we'll run a different special every month. the best way to do that, find the details on >> tom: of course, we're talking about kitchens, the countertops. do you work in vanity, things like that as well? >> guest: absolutely. we do a lot of work, a lot of custom work in hotels, restaurants. about any part of the house. we do showers. tub decks. quite a range of things. wherever you can dream it up, we can put it together. >> kelly: what's your website? >> guest: >> kelly: are some of your products on there? >> guest: yes. we do update that site regularly. so we have a lot of photographs of recent bridprojects. we have interviews and stuff like that from previous customers. and our stone selection. >> kelly: i've watched some of those. and i know some of those folks. they've been very happy with

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