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1 Million Cups - Metro Shine Company - 8/1/17

By Clip Syndicate
1 Million Cups - Metro Shine Company - 8/1/17

http://eplayer.clipsyndicate.com/view/12513/7027325 Video: 1 Million Cups - Metro Shine Company - 8/1/17
1 Million Cups - Metro Shine Company - 8/1/17
http://chic.clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/12513/7027325?cpt=8&wpid=2637 Tue, 01 Aug 2017 20:20:53 +0000 1 Million Cups - Metro Shine Company - 8/1/17 1 Million Cups - Metro Shine Company - 8/1/17 http://chic.clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/12513/7027325?cpt=8&wpid=2637 KOLR [?] >> kelly: welcome to the show. we were enjoying the music. this is alex scott, the founder of metro shine. alex, welcome. >> guest: thank you. >> tom: good to see you. >> guest: i appreciate it. >> kelly: what is the product that you've created? >> guest: we've created a way to wash a car without any water whatsoever. we have a product we use to wash a car with about four to six ounces of our product. so the whole thing, everything can be washed with just what you see on the table. in fact, we can get seven or eight washes out of what is right here on our table. >> tom: right there. >> right there. >> tom: how does that work? >> guest: i get that a lot. [laughter] >> tom: i'll bet you do. >> kelly: why don't we use my car to demonstrate. >> guest: we'll head out there next. it sprays a polymer onto the car and on the dirt and separates the two chemically. we use a microfiber towel, soft and clean to separate the dirt from the car. it does it without scratching. >> tom: yeah. yes, some of those coatings on cars, you have to be careful >> guest: it does not scratch. we've walked thousands, and thousands of cars and does not scrimp >> kelly: this is seven or eight washes? >> guest: yes. >> tom: wait. how do you get seven or eight washes. i couldn't do that if you gave me soap and water in that little thing. >> guest: this is three products. this gets the grime off. this gets the bugs off. this gets the really hard stuff. this goes after this and cleans the rest of the car. so you wash with this. and then you do the whole car, the windows, everything. even the insides >> kelly: with this one? >> guest: this one. >> tom: windows and everything and chrome. >> guest: any kind of chrome, all of it. we clean everything with it. this is the tire shine. it's water-based, so it doesn't leave the oily, greasy film to it. and you can use it on your inside, on your vinyl, on plastic tops like covers. >> kelly: what about cloth? >> guest: cloth is great. this here, this gets spots out. stains out. makeup out. all kinds of crazy -- oif you want a stain out, this is the product for that. >> kelly: you're going to put this all over the car first. >> guest: no. we'll use this just for the dirty spots. >> kelly: you're spot washing with that. >> guest: we get the hard stuff with this and then this all over the car. it go on in a fine mist. you use one towel to wash it, and another towel to dry it. that's why we have different colors, so you don't mess up. >> kelly: that's thoughtful. >> tom: you're asking the difference in the size. >> kelly: this is just a touchup kit, right? >> that's right. whenever people -- it's $120 for a nice detail. so we sell that so they don't have to go back and wash their car again. if they get bugs, dirt or birds, they can use this to take care of that without having to spend however much more money at the car wash and clean it up. >> kelly: this is for people to do themselves. what are the services you offer? >> guest: we offer in different city, unfortunately not in springfield, but in new york, l.a., chicago, denver, we have an exterior wash, we have an in and out wash, and a mini detail. so we can do basically wax. everything that you would get in a detail. and we do these a lot of times like at office buildings, at lots of airports. so we're in jfk, newark, laguardia airport. >> tom: you're everywhere. how did you get associated with 1 million cups then? >> guest: i have a company in town that we do valet parking with. i'm an entrepreneur. i'm a serial entrepreneur. usually, it could be a disease. >> tom: [laughter] >> so it's nice to have that community that's around that we can share understand and tell each other that's a great idea. or you're just dumb, you know. >> kelly: are you wanting to drive people to your website? >> guest: yes, we are. we are www.metroshinecompany.com. it's all spelled out. there's a product's link. you can buy the kits. so there's all kinds of things you can buy. >> tom: if you park it at jfk to fly somewhere, they can come by to have it cleaned. >> guest: yes. >> kelly: is this

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