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Table Talk - HIV Law 10-11

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Table Talk - HIV Law 10-11 Video: Table Talk - HIV Law 10-11
Table Talk - HIV Law 10-11 Wed, 11 Oct 2017 16:01:02 +0000 Table Talk - HIV Law 10-11 Table Talk - HIV Law 10-11 WTVQ Lexington, KY afternoon... and thanks for joining us on mid day kentucky. c1 3 typically, when we think of breast cancer we think of women-mothers, c1 3 where the recipes say to michae that when meets will the basement is the eggs and milk you will is easier to deal because you don't have the darier the meeting it know i.e. again but i always actually tal with a lot trying to plan a healthier meals is the this vegan why maybe can make the actual a lot longer but but actually it's a lot of work to prepare to delete vegan food an not eating as a miller easement all eat vegan quinoa something and then i'll have like chipola i you i to so you consider being a vegan meal with specific anything you smack and i are good enough i you know goldman everyone we you take kentucky have been very blessed to be sponsored by georgetown medical angles so the my keys into the uk and also oncotic regional and it's all about breast-cancer awareness of the month of october the so did been sponsoring so the whole month o would be talking about old week and also for the rest of the month all about issues of along with you know female breast cancer but that was something i was thinking eventually when we think is tense up the case we think of women's women mothers doors grandmothers and aunts wearing pink ribbons and ships of course though it's much reverent men are also susceptible to breast cancer an mild breast cancer diagnosed is right up on the rise really this is what is pretty scary the american cancer society estimates that compared with th 23 that compared with the 23,000 new cases of breast cancer in women what 2300 cases of mild breast cancer will be diagnosed ... by the end of the year now and that's really scary estimated 440 old hundred and 40 men will die of breast cancer this year alone i did not know the get about that just so you old lady sitting i'm watching this and w also know we have mild you was smoke the derided and i just want to say that you do need to do self checking ... tournament just like women should just leave it alone i want to bring this up in the reason why is a this is argento seeger from louisville and kentucky who did this study but uses the lack of tissue and mil press is both a blessing and a curse because mild breast tissu is less dense take can be easil at easier to detect small messes but the lack of tissue everyone also mean that cancer can grow foster reaching the nipple skin chest muscle only notes more quickly many cases by the time amends breast-cancer i detect the it is already's red to all that area all body so it is seriously thing that you should check ... on the edge we had to do some interviews of about this throughout the month is you were told about breast-cancer for women and i think it's really important to be discussed of hi men as well absolutely and i also wanted to destroy the reason why i wanted to bring this is because a friend of mine most of old lamotta white straighter i got the had just bypass surgery was like 200 pounds i'm he lost the lascivious white then out of why he cities chest was a little soul so it him being a little paranoid yeah he started checking himself lots in the vertebrate address terminate like is alive recorded in time would never night if he had what he wished that when you get wha these doctors our sponsors to come in and talk about self checks also ferment that as women we go to our yearly up ointment read being with our doctors telling us they we have to check but there also saying are you self checking ... showing you specifically what to look for and you mende get that yearly education education ever really what to feel for things other so much to their you know what the issue so i you have any areas that you you don't know the a lot for tissue the good stimulus with you i've never done that i would know what to feel uneven know what you like you on you check yeah i mean not something that we need to talk about and to the house know about you is the second coming up later i think i think tomorrow it is you never did mammogram i did rocket and you your mom will serious request did that all men if their mothers were diagnosed with breast can't i know there i didn't see you that in this article yeah that's a predefined up whether it's ready tree right we do know that men if your fathers you know my father she's been diagnosed with colon cance notes in his live a and they want me to go and have a colonoscopy to check juvenile not old enough to do that you but they said because you know my father has it and we don't know how long he had old so it's something loves you you may be made breast-cancer is a ready treatment as well i do know those you will find i'm sorry that we we board up with a lot of new lows of me out lately because of the skills smart this is something that you found out it's got a lot to do with hiv yes so cecconi here is all no longer can saturday colony to knowingly transmit hiv in calla for you is now can entered the pain as all other tds in the eyes of the law that this was really the you obviously this was eye-catching because i come from the the generation of the 80s where i remember the fear and everything attached to that but what that is now instead of facing eight years and is than anyone convicted of knowingly transmitting hiv will serve a maximum of mom behind bars and why said this is is because medicine has, so far the advances in medicine have come so are now is long as the person who has been diagnosed with hiv as long as they're taking their medicine and regimen on a daily basis it is no like big can no longer transmit ... hiv and it's no longer can entered a ... for people who are diagnosed with it okay ... to take his ... so you're convicted as they're saying now the maximum six months in jail month and is present in the corners of the are saying that this now allows ... people who know that they have hiv to come ... forward and actually be treated rather than ... being treated like a criminal intervention yeah they consider that the supporters of it think that will help prevent the spread the opponent though think that it will increase high-risk the heavier ... therefore spreading the disease so that different look, little bit on the fence with this ... myself because of what the appurtenances say right basically they ... if you are hiv and you knowingl have sex with someone unprotect it it's allowing you to be unprotected now knowing you might go to jail for a new yes december produce a human if initial this will be very with my wording i also understand that it's no longer a death sentence but even if you have another form of std tomorrow early obligated to tell the person you're sleeping with ... that you have these stds but want more lisa and i can just civilly and are not criminally where is all the time celebrities to for office for an awesome matter right now that h has eas civilly but he's being sued for net she deficit in civil war so i can you're sayin morally ... tickets and i gray area outlook i have to be honest with you as an openly gay man is if someone if i have the right to ask someone ... but i have to be honest if you are in a relationship and you aunt ... maybe committed to the person you should be having sex six anyway right today straight wha about i worry about this is well yeah yeah i'd i don't know there are different form strands all hiv right now i think you knowingly right that someone else you should go to jail is having hiv or any other diseases your i don't agree the argument of your treated as a criminal because you're not you could privately deal with the disease you find it was treatin you like but if you're going to need someone else rest the point then yes but i don't think he will anymore need heavier not treated as as a criminal you want keep but if you want to go out and you know have sex other people and you should be holy, for what you know you you should go to different than the ... old oldest today you you the resistance of a him tell us wha you think are hopefully ultimately them up about-face ... pages is they do on their noted the way to the so tell us what you think about this i'm what's the lord in kentucky and we set the question i look that up and what it says is there is no specific criminal law regarding this issue in kentucky on kentucky has prosecuted individuals for failing to disclose their hiv positive status to sexual partners under the wanton endangerment statute so that's where they that's where they can go to jail the okay to adjudicative to his facebook page allotted up of th my friend you you say that the timeout favorite time right a couple blog online that i would tear tension i read a lot of want to do you like the daddies i read a lot of blogs lately is talking about how we view dinnertime here in the us and there is a photographer who wen across you i think with in the pictures to show you that was just photographing what dinner is like in different state and they said states of america in america and they're just random people that she can you you know your area table maybe are they're saying that it believed the american ideal is have a home-cooked meal with your family around table message related find that we have some more to show you came across something else saying that people are increased only ... doing away completely with their dining room table and dining room general wanted to post you both do you think will be me doing i coming out, allowing to me to you only think of you really want here family law you you think should be sitting down together dinnertable and coming you will on got rid of our dining room table we had we got the dining room table with the lamp our kitchen table on but it was interesting when you brough this up unlike yeah this is it's changed a lot when i was a kid we did have dinners dazedly every night at the at the kitchen ... table and we did have a dining room we had the kitchen so there you know it's interesting because yeah we double live a lot off of our on eating together as a family of kinda everybody will my kids are pick and slamming different things for different ones and or i different than the dry. norm is having a sweet you think are you a we would like to is the arena where

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