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Evoking Emotion Through Music

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Evoking Emotion Through Music. Video: Evoking Emotion Through Music
Evoking Emotion Through Music. Thu, 12 Oct 2017 13:51:59 +0000 Evoking Emotion Through Music Evoking Emotion Through Music. WCIA operation honor guard day since it's in four different states now. very appropriate for today, brass instruments. they can invoke emotions when played at an honor performing or a military service or even your child playing in a band at school. >> here to get us in tune on the ci stage chris morris with the music shop is here. we've brought quite the assortment of brass instruments here today. >> we cover our basis and have an example of some of the different options in the brass world >> you are a brass guy. you started-- >> i personally am, yes. ever since i was eight years old. just a little guy and my dad started me playing the trumpet. always been part of my life. i don't really know life without it. >> that's cool. >> where do you want to start? what do you want to talk about first? >> we talked about some of this details of the instruments before but i like the idea what you are getting at here of how the brass evokes certain moods or certain spirits. it's kind of interesting that brass has been around for through history pretty much since the beginning of time. whether it was a rams horn or, you know, something like that. there's always been brass instruments in different societies through the years. >> something you are using your lips to wrap around. >> just buzz and evoking a nice tone and for some reason it calls to us at a deeper level. >> it literally calls to you when you hear a trumpet. >> that's why "taps" is s profound. if i am going to play "taps" f something i get very intro spective and deeply respectful and have to get into a whole mood in order to convey that feeling. >> really? >> so many ways brass players are also kind of leaders i feel like in the band. like because the trumpet is so prominent. >> right. you can't hide. so you better step up to the plate and deliver the goods. [ laughter ] >> that's true. let's start talking about trumpets a little bit. so this is your typical trumpet that you would start out on when you are young. >> yep this is a student model. the more advanced model trumpets are not much different financial they have -- the basic idea is the same. three valves. pretty straight forward sdmri am going to guess that all don't come with that many mouthpieces though. >> yeah. most brass players have their own collection of mouth pieces. and i brought that kind of as an example that for, you know, although the trumpet's one you can play with very many different mouthpieces. some are meant for a bigger orchestral sound or maybe if you are going to play a lead in a jazz band you are going to get a shell or mouthpiece that you can get a nice sizzle on a high note. >> interesting. so all of these, can all of these -- i feel like -- are they all the right size to play a on trumpet. >> no some of these are trombone or baritone. i think there might be a french horn mouthpiece or two. just the idea that every instrument you can try many different mouthpieces for. as students progress along, that's something that can -- besides changing the horn the biggest difference in tone can be achieved through a different mouthpiece. >> let's talk about what else we have over here. a french horn. >> we got a french horn. kind of a little different instrument. nice loop. it's kind of from the old days. we were talking about hold instruments. use to be like a hunting horn. they'd go out and do that kind of thing. or, you know, it's got a different tambour, tone quality, a rounder, warmer tone. >> when i think of that i feel like i associate french horns more directly with classical music than i might a trumpet. >> that's one of the nice things about the trumpet it's very verse tile. you can play it across all genres. classical, jazz, rock. a trumpet will turn up everywhere. >> can you play jazz baritone? >> there are a few really cool cats that can make it work. [ laughter ] >> that's right. >> nice. >> then we do have the trombone hiding back here. >> trombone is very verse atile as well. >> this is the second instrument. i chose saxophone but this is the one i secretly harbored a musical crush on. >> that one looks so complicated because you have to know exactly where the slide is right. >> that's true. one of the interesting things about the trombone is the basic design hasn't changed much for 400 years. it was basically played the same way. hardly different at all. i am amazed when all these kids are writing the trombone to think about this instrument has been around all these years. it's really cool. >> talk about a good jazz instrument. got lessons at the music shop. >> of course. we're always teaching. always shooting for the stars getting kids going or adults too you know. anybody can come and take lessons. get better. >> you want to add to your mouthpiece collection. >> come in and try some different things. you might be surprised. you get some different results. >> new and secondhand instruments too. >> a lot of options. >> thanks chris. so much with the music shop. we'll collect you on

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