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1 Million Cups - Thrive Family Chiropractic - 12/5/17

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1 Million Cups - Thrive Family Chiropractic - 12/5/17 Video: 1 Million Cups - Thrive Family Chiropractic - 12/5/17
1 Million Cups - Thrive Family Chiropractic - 12/5/17 Tue, 05 Dec 2017 21:38:13 +0000 1 Million Cups - Thrive Family Chiropractic - 12/5/17 1 Million Cups - Thrive Family Chiropractic - 12/5/17 KOLR [?] >> kelly: welcome to "ozarks live!." i'm here with james and jessica peterson from thrive family chiropractor. nice to see you. >> guest: thank you. >> guest: thank you. >> kelly: tell us about your chiropractic business. >> guest: most people think about chiropractic for neck and back pain. we focus on kids and pregnant moms. >> kelly: talk about that. >> guest: we provide a gentle adjustment. we want to focus on that and the nervous system. >> kelly: when someone is growing with the child, do you see changes in the back? >> guest: the back, the baby is growing bigger. so there's more stress on the pelvis. that's the baby's home. so we want to make sure the ligaments are relaxed, the low back is doing great. and we want to make sure there's the brain-body connection with the mom's and the nervous system because the mom's nervous system is creating the baby's nervous system. >> kelly: this helps the health of the mother and baby? >> guest: absolutely. >> kelly: how old should a child be before they get help from you? >> guest: never too young. i adjusted my daughter at seven hours old. >> kelly: seven hours old, my goodness! was that because it had just been born and there's trauma with that or how come? >> guest: she didn't have trauma. we had the best birth we could have asked for. but birth is stressful whether it's c-section or the cord wrapped around the neck. so we wanted to make sure her nervous system was working properly. >> kelly: what are things that could be helped working with kids? >> guest: in my practice, we see ear infections, bed wetting, constipation. some of my advanced training in helping kids with neuro develop amount disorders, autism, sensory issues. >> kelly: can a child forego medicine? how much does it help them? >> guest: well, these kids, their nervous system is stuck in the survival protection mode. so we want to balance out the nervous system through a series of adjustments. so a lot of parents and moms seek out us, because we're a drug-free option. >> kelly: how many treatments would something like that take? >> guest: it's hard to say. you know, every child is different. but if i were to give an average, i'd say maybe 4-5 months of consistent care. >> kelly: do you get big testimonials from parents that say my goodness, he's like this, and he's changed a lot? >> guest: absolutely. absolutely. >> kelly: that's amazing. they're just -- if they're adhd, that kind of thing? >> guest: yep, when we have symptoms, that's our nervous system trying to get our attention, saying we're not working properly. >> kelly: okay. the nervous system. and you work there, jessica. your kids do they say hey i need an adjustment? >> guest: yeah, they'll say. >> guest: all the time. and we can see where they're getting off as well because we're around it so much, so we can go you need to go in more frequent to see dad. because i can see sensory issues are popping up to keep them on a regular basis. i had suffered severely from migraines, so mine is in that. and also through prenatal care of okay. i can see when my triggers come up, that i need to make sure i'm well balanced with the adjustments as well. so we can see that in our kids. absolutely. >> kelly: how much of your business is with kids? >> guest: we're almost 60% pediatrics. we do see prenatal. you know, adults as well. >> kelly: you have an event coming up. talk about that. >> guest: so it's an event called the perfect storm. we want to bring awareness about the role the nervous system and health and wellbeing of our children. we're going to bring awareness and information about, you know, why kids today are so sick and struggling and why so many kids are on medication. and so many parents want to get off of that. so we're going to provide action steps of how to restore their health. because it all goes back to the nervous system. so we're going to answer a lot of parents' questions. >> kelly: that would be something. real quick, how did 1 million cups help you all? >> guest: sure! 1 million cups was great because we were looking for feedback from the community object how we can better enhance our message, get out there and share it with more families. because we're finding little i guess a struggle with that. and we wanted to get some great feedback from other businesses. and they gave us lots of information and good hints on where to go and how best resources. >> kelly: so they really helped you out. they're a great way to get the word out. >> guest: absolutely. >> kelly: did we tell where your event was at? >> guest: at travelers house coffee in republic saturday at 10:00 a.m. >> kelly: this saturday at 10:00 a.m. >> guest: yes. you can register through -- we have event bite. we have a thing -- >> guest: or our website. >> kelly: and also, they can get in touch with you if they need to bring their kids in. >> guest: absolutely. we'd love to answer any questions. >> kelly: thank you, both. >> thank you. >> kelly: appreciate it. james and

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