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Table Talk - Social Media 3-12-18

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Table Talk - Social Media 3-12-18 Video: Table Talk - Social Media 3-12-18
Table Talk - Social Media 3-12-18 Mon, 12 Mar 2018 16:01:14 +0000 Table Talk - Social Media 3-12-18 Table Talk - Social Media 3-12-18 WTVQ Lexington, KY thanks for joining us on mid day c1 3 ke you mid-day kentucky very quickly when you little bit of housekeeping is oxygenase on th blue drive-through has been canceled due to the will of god you you know let snow is as good as check came. files is is a muscle david accident and religions of the bank of lisa you good information in regards to us being out in the six because of the call is a much 19 is will i be doing the show certainly live at all you have to do is if you want be a part of it is our stb pike with your name and number and the number in your and it should be a lot of fun is not as 230 come out t wait for you is you we have the studio to the idea is recently become the exact name of the company with the things citizens group from georgetown is just a shakespearean code is that is bringing the the people is 20 is it about the people so is the story for people to come out you have great simental my guys it's great now is some space which is that we asked everyone to and in your first and this is outside my office window you morning you will reap was you was troy thompson is babysitting is to to is just that the best you in my office was is that is is more that is troy to say something real mayb the committee will is one of 6.3 this is a like house as well i'm sure most people waking up this morning she resealed this is also permitted to go with jerry springer on looks like she needs to get up and you readable the snow to the future is a husband you is you is to present that into a into the waiting is is the big fancy houses around in its wild how well you is the road that we got the fact that the were able to clear the road so will i love that amazing ask is that inches and inches of just and what i went to bed las night about 1130 and attitude was that he got close the blind in my bedroom and office tendencies little lights out side and those the is reflected light of and i sat on the balcony probably from about a just as is a said benefited from about because of in the the probabilities actually settled dyslexia is for you promise that you you is is you have been many times in the community is is sadness and continued to check social media for is in the positing come back and bite you in the backside people supposed to such as just a little too much risk in some and pick from five years ago is bound to affect your job prospects since getting busted for posting on social you dream working is is show you something you should b doing combustible being you and i start looking no you just check people out you try little the little bit of work maybe. to the does it does deftly give yo different shadows the you couldn't see in the past usuall that's the questions you might ask references can mackall you know lucille the takes the and and you like i don't know if this is the person for my office so should we judge them from being outside of work out it's social to you right now then there has every right check that out the i do want to know you i was working with, i would want to know i to be is what we do we do is you will save me but we do i do and i know we just i coming on quickly scan the facebook page ames do that because of the not about to talk about movies and is is my selection will be to research very quietly, i know schedules when you is how to the on is is trouble is is a before we get to the blue springs the that this is well from doing that because people do when you about to go yes to is is a you is legitimate professing you to own decision is you going to social media is you is to so you shoul do you actually stopped a real pejoratives set them to private actually have a private private facebook page and focus on in m full name so that i do that because i so will my private life to be private is everything seven intent potential employees i know using social media to check you out so you and maybe change of name also that's a different page to private was makes one of his and i can highlight drop in productivity this is interesting so the second that i'm watching you from please i you is you posting on facebook and you should be britons of the on the web for i think she does as he to be doing the dishes and very productive dial while he is is is to stuff them like you usually on like a lunch break a great check the is the time you you and you about you is the this is social media should be seen as positive as a positive what you think about that if it's used correctly basket actually think that was you say you kilojoules of charity worke you will sugimoto will be withi the community that's i think that poodles are with blank so messily in the spring of the do you need a social school now this is interesting this is something that they businesses out there that can scrub your account facebook twitter and google is using always things now hire someone if you feel you will going for big job and scrub it what is it mean to scrub the is is are you hey listen immediately to this picture this this picture i you last friday night shenanigans name on the could be pictures you like is that doing tate sends all those is is the is mid-day kentucky but but i believe we posted about that. this study shows that they may see moab to med about the biologically isn't biology the so to biology isn't something researchers at the university of cambridge doesn't always been thousand dna sample i make them between sex and empathy, instead they feel rise of the social differences are the main cause of those distinctions is a reasonable this up is is the conversation that they say to you have empathy than men do to be was with you i think you'll one of the most kindest gentle show most empathy for towards me the as well social the memorial that was very tough guy actually said you think that's my grandmother really pushed the shlomo the my life is that the is saying women have more than you will the nurtures right naturally it's going to use social status the cues are ther for them to even give the opportunity of getting more of the empathy situation you women are just more in tune with thei motion i think the men are check she is sabbatical. probably lisa is is a today just all call michael r more emotional and i the more in with our motion the i think it allows us to have better empathy situations when fighting because of the fact that were that we are that we have the potential to be is an you know not everybody not all women are mothers that for those of us that are i mean it really changes a woman to me i had no concern about the babies give m before now for after having my own children i just it's open up a whole new world to me that i never even realized existed and ty had a child of my own women are expected to have more empathy on because of the fact that we are child bearers in the you know we take care the family and you know me take care of things as the resilience so elegy and it's just the way you were raised so it's interesting that you take you took them up all of its because you believe that you have children that you have will stuff didn't show the biology i think the biology still plays a part in that but do believe up bringing is important to but i you know i a very strange little upbringing i guess as far as with my mother she was a very empathetic and all matter back to busy to have that and him notes of for me i can't say that i learned that for my environment because that that is the is you think of to mid-day kentucky is page david days i'm sure this is a day that most people to the next conversation you things you bring up like a snow day but really today's topic is what is the best time to: sick to work the market research company tes the he created a cheat sheet on the best times to call in sick days when you just me feeling fine according to the mondays and fridays are no goes is better call in the morning rather than the night before so as to is called the when you know you just need a little day to yourself absolutely you have things came up not not with thi job is the is was a is: i was done that is 20 zeidman businesses as a society people are terribly sorry i said i'm you know that currently the typical addresses had been not on the way to me as soon as i i for all troy you so so you will i know you dreadful message is is in the car and become a because my final day getting the is believe and trust me by 1035 you so that the students uses mix use is stomachache because the you know you nonactors is is is because if you: do not get on social media and start posting to about this that the other so just choose better is doing during november and december of that's what most people do: so if you can make it through those months say today's business as nails also i think if you're always on the setup racial basilio supervisor rorty one like that someone said to me one of my team members have a i need to have for an awful lot of interviews soul is to said yes you you have received this is the weeks and about you say five after the you want to tomorrow off so you right a you said hey you feeling the best you and i might have tomorrow off can you shuffle th appointments said that is the problem to do like is that you do sourcing days if you is really coming to site because this will you and you and normally the people you're working with all the clods that you're upset with it throws everything else you especially i cannot especially that you don't type of business in this business really down

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