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Wells Plastic Surgery

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Wells Plastic Surgery

http://eplayer.clipsyndicate.com/view/12463/7289905 Video: Wells Plastic Surgery
Wells Plastic Surgery
http://chic.clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/12463/7289905?cpt=8&wpid=2637 Mon, 12 Mar 2018 16:33:49 +0000 Wells Plastic Surgery Wells Plastic Surgery http://chic.clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/12463/7289905?cpt=8&wpid=2637 WTVQ Lexington, KY rejuvenation with both 600 and c1 3 troy: welcome back to midday kentucky, everyone. well, today we're talking about lip rejuvenation with our friend rachael bradford from wells plastic surgery & skin care. c1 3 welcome to the show, my friend. rachael b.: thank you for having me. troy: we love, love, love this topic because i love that women have a fuller lip, and it is all possible nowaday. when considering rejuvenation, there is way more to consider than just adding filler to the lips. rachael b.: that's correct. troy: we're going to bring up a diagram. i'd like you to talk to our audience about this and what they're looking at. rachael b.: okay. what you're looking at right now is discussing lip proportion. one of the common complaints i hear from women is that their top lip is smaller than their bottom lip, but that's normal. as you see in the diagram on the left, a 1:1.6 proportion is good. on the right, though, we also have to consider ethnic background. for example, in an african- american woman, a 1:1 ratio is perfectly fine. troy: okay, i got you. all right. well, we're going to talk about specialized treatments that you do for the lip area as well. a lot of concern out there for people who have been smokers for most of their life. rachael b.: right. troy: let's talk about this picture that you've got for us as well. rachael b.: okay. well, what's interesting, troy- troy: oh, wow. rachael b.: ... is that you don't have to be a smoker to get these smoker's lines. troy: oh, really? rachael b.: it can be sun damage, drinking through a straw. in this woman, what we did is we used a technique called the ha wash. ha stands for hyaluronic acid. what we do is we take a gel filler, which is made of hyaluronic acid, mix it with some sterile water, inject it. it spreads out beautifully. the patient leaves our chair and goes directly to our aesthetician to be microneedled, and what we're getting is great collagen growth in that area to start filling in those lines. troy: i have to tell you, it looks absolutely incredible. is this just one treatment? rachael b.: she actually had two ha washes and three microneedlings. it's very important to have those three microneedlings, and most women need two ha washes. troy: okay. well, i think i'm ready. i'll do anything, you know me. okay, rachael, here's some really interesting ... when women smile ... oh, guys as well, i wanted everyone to know this is for guys as well. rachael b.: right. troy: they call it a gummy smile ... rachael b.: correct. troy: ... or a downward smile, and these are all possible to be fixed with injectables. rachael b.: absolutely. with this picture, she actually had a treatment with a neurotoxin, such as botox or dysport. very easy fix. it's very cost-effective, and you can do a little filler too, but it's not always necessary if you already have full lips. troy: that's just from botox? rachael b.: yes. troy: wow. rachael b.: yes. troy: that's incredible. okay, let's bring up the downwards, down-turned smile. rachael b.: i love this before and after. troy: huge difference. rachael b.: huge difference. this is taking some filler and filling in the corners and below the corners there, like in the marionettes, to push those lips back up. troy: okay. now, is that used as a ... not with botox, it is a filler. rachael b.: no, that is a gel filler that we use. troy: okay. how long would that last for if we were to have it done? rachael b.: you're looking at about nine months. troy: okay, so it's value for money, really. rachael b.: oh, absolutely. troy: all right. so, this is amazing, everyone. i saw something similar on keeping up with the kardashians. kim kardashian was doing something similar to this. this is called the keyhole procedure. rachael b.: correct. troy: explain to everyone at home what that means and what is actually happening. rachael b.: the keyhole technique is basically giving a woman that permanent pout. troy: oh. rachael b.: you can see here in this picture, i'm holding down a piece of string, and you fill in around that string with a gel filler. troy: so it gives you a slight indentation. rachael b.: yes. troy: it that the right wording? rachael b.: right. troy: okay, i got you. rachael b.: you do that on the bottom and on the top, and this is the after results. troy: oh my gosh. that looks incredible. i had no idea. that's the craze. that's what all the girls are wanting. rachael b.: absolutely. lips have become very stylized. it's kind of like hair. it's a trend right now. troy: you're right. you're right. rachael b.: it is. troy: you are completely right about that. i think that's amazing, and it's very youthful as well. rachael b.: it is. troy: okay. now, you have a huge event coming up- rachael b.: we do. troy: ... on the 28th of march. tell everyone about that. rachael b.: we are having our spring shopping day, and it is from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. we'll have hors d'oeuvres, light snacks, you will also get to see some of these demonstrations, such as the keyhole technique, that day. we'll be doing injectables and some aesthetic services. troy: well, i'm coming out there. i'm going to be live for good day kentucky. your open house days are huge. rachael b.: yes, they are. lots of fun. troy: you have to be there on the day. there's lots of things that are going on. we appreciate you coming in again, rachael. rachael b.: thank you so much. troy: if you want to find out more information about wells plastic surgery & skin care, there it all is up on the screen. they've got a beautiful new office, everyone. i can't tell you how lovely it is. go onto their website. there's their phone number as well. we'll be right back after this

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