The New B Hearing Hearing System is Now Available from Hearing Aids Center

B Hearing is a Complete 4 in 1 Hearing System

VANCOUVER, BC/ ACCESSWIRE / October 1, 2019 / The new and unique B Hearing hearing system is now available from Hearing Aids Center. B Hearing comes with an audiology program, can pair with a smartphone, music, or TV and also has a remote microphone.

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As a company spokesperson noted, many hearing aids are getting smaller to hide the fact that a wearer has them. Hearing Aids Center’s unique B Hearing bucks this trend and looks like a slender headphone set. Shaped like a slim necklace, B Hearing has room for more advancements.

Along with the B Hearing app, a wearer can adapt the headphones by using the audiology program to get a custom hearing system. The program will also allow the wearer to change the highs and the lows of the hearing device for each ear.

The B Hearing system can also pair via Bluetooth with a phone to hear music with great bass and treble sound.

“You can also answer phone calls, and you can hook up to a TV and watch without loud noises disturbing family and neighbors,” the spokesperson noted, adding that there is a separate portable microphone that allows people to hear sound from a distance.

“Think lecture podiums, boardrooms and hearing conversations at a party wherever you place the mike. And the microphone comes with a hearing attachment so you can talk on motorcycles, or to your companion if they are hard of hearing. Or place on the lapel of your companion and hear them easily and clearly.”

Ron Barker, owner of Hearing Aids Center noted, “With the B Hearing system, I wear the device around my neck and it looks like a slender headphone set. And I can adjust either ear as I need, so I can hear my companions in any environment without effort. Many seniors won’t wear a hearing aid, but with the B Hearing system looking like a headphone set, there is no such hesitation. I love wearing it.”

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